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Pricing information

The cost for the evaluation of a single specimen usually falls within $190.00 to $300.00 range, and it depends on the size of a specimen, resolution of the scan, and the extent of the image analysis. A standard set of information delivered within this price range includes a complete data analysis and its interpretation, detailed summary of results, DICOM files, sectional 2D images of your choice, and 3D models in STL format.

Proof of concept experiments are free if followed by paid studies, otherwise we charge $120.00 per specimen.

Lower prices are available for academic researchers, and for studies which include at least 24 specimens.    

The micro-CT scanner is an X-ray source and due to the state and federal regulations only our trained personnel is authorized to operate it. However, anyone can analyze the images using the microcomputer that is attached to the scanner, after completing a training session in the microcomputer and software use.

Please, contact us in advance to discuss the specifics of your experimental design and to schedule the scanning. 

Last Updated: 7/27/17