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Teaching Faculty

Vasuki Anandan, MD, MBBS
, Surgical pathology and cytopathology

Cynthia Beisser, MD, Forensics.

Robert Booth, MD, Clinical pathology, hematopathology, surgical pathology

Luis E De Las Casas, MD, Surgical pathology and cytopathology

Cara Gatto-Weis, M.D., Surgical pathology, cytopathology

Amira Gohara, MD, Immunology, flow cytometry & histocompatibility

William Gunning, PhD, Electron microscopy

Darius Mehregan, MD, Dermatopathology

Robert Mrak MD, PhD, Neuropathology and autopsy pathology

Kenneth L. Muldrew, MD, MPH, Molecular Pathology & Clinical Microbiology

Maneesha Pandey, MBBS, Forensics

James Patrick, MD, Forensics and pediatric pathology

NurJehan Quaraishy, MD, Blood banking

D. Scala-Barnett, MD, Forensics

Mary Smith, MD, Hematology and coagulation

Jean Thomas, MD, Dermatopathology

Jill Zyrek, MD, Cytopathology and surgical pathology   

Last Updated: 5/13/16