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Teaching Faculty

Cynthia Beisser, MD, Forensics.

Robert Booth, MD, Clinical pathology, hematopathology, surgical pathology

Cara Gatto-Weis, M.D., Surgical pathology, cytopathology

Amira Gohara, MD, Immunology, flow cytometry & histocompatibility

William Gunning, PhD, Electron microscopy

Darius Mehregan, MD, Dermatopathology

Robert Mrak MD, PhD, Neuropathology and autopsy pathology

Maneesha Pandey, MBBS, Forensics

James Patrick, MD, Forensics and pediatric pathology

NurJehan Quaraishy, MD, Blood banking

D. Scala-Barnett, MD, Forensics

Mary Smith, MD, Hematology and coagulation

Jean Thomas, MD, Dermatopathology


Last Updated: 6/9/16