Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Research (CeDER)


The University of Toledo Center for Diabetes Management, Education, and Training

Michelle Schroeder is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Endocrinology Division. She is the Program Coordinator for Diabetes Management, Education and Training.  The program was created to meet the need for education and treatment of large numbers of diabetics and guide them to a healthy lifestyle.  Please contact her to make an appointment at:  419-383-1908.


  • To treat each individual with kindness and compassion; to listen and consider each person's needs.
  • To create a positive impact on lives of individuals through implementation of patient-focused services.
  • To empower individuals to take control of their healthcare through interactive education classes and self-management coaching.
  • To provide an encouraging environment that values and promotes diversity, in which individuals can find answers regarding their healthcare and treatment goals.
  • To become a center of excellence for diabetes education, providing education and services that meet local and regional needs.
Other Resources

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 For more information, please call 419-383-3771
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