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Radiation Protection and Regulation

UT HSC Medical Physics Course MPHY6200/8200 (CRN: 40426/40437) 
Summer semester 2015

 Course description: Course considers the hazards associated with radioactivity and electromagnetic radiation,
including types and sources of radiation, radiation measurement and units, Dosimetry,
radiation protection practices required by governmental regulation and medical facility
accrediting bodies.
 Credits: Three (3) Credit Hours
 Grading Policy: 50% project, 50% final exam                            
 Instructors: E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D. & Nicholas Sperling, Ph.D.
Course TA: Sean Tanny
Department of Radiation Oncology
 Time and Place:  1:30 pm on Thursdays in Academic Area – Medical Physics
 Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
 Instruction Method: The course represents a combination of didactic lectures, text readings, out-of-class learning
activities and projects, and classroom discussions.
 Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will:
1. Understand the organizations involved in scientific, professional, advisory and regulatory
activity in diagnostic imaging , radiation therapy, and radiation safety.
2. Have an understanding of basic units of radiation measurement and their regulatory limits.
3. Understand methods for radiation dosimetry and their application.
4. Review the basics of radiation facility shielding.
5. Review professional aspect of clinical medical physics.
 Required Text: Handouts given by course faculty
 Reference Text: J. Shapiro (2002). Radiation Protection (4th edition). Harvard University Press.
D.A. Golnick (1994). Basic Radiation Protection Technology (3rd edition). Pacific Radiation
NCRP Report 147: Structual Shielding Design for Medical X-ray Facilities (2004). National
Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement.
NRC and Ohio DOH regulations
S.R. Cherry, J.A. Sorenson & M.E. Phelps (2003). Physics in Nuclear Medicine (3rd edition).


Radiation Protection and Regulation Course Outline:

 Topic of Lecture



 Alphabet soup
 Scientific societies
 Professional organizations
 Advisory bodies

 5/15 Parsai

Radiation Units, Signs and Labels, Transporting Radioactivity
 Units and their applications
 Regulations in radiation transport, Rules of Radioactive Index

 5/22 Parsai
Regulatory Dose Limits - RGE
 Ohio Department of Health – NewRegs

 5/29 Sperling
Regulatory Dose Limits - Therapeutic
 Ohio Department of Health – NewRegs
 6/5 Sperling
Radiation Protection Instrumentation I: External Radiation Dosimetry  6/12 Sperling
Radiation Protection Instrumentation II: Internal Radiation Dosimetry  6/19 Sperling
Methods to Reduce Personnel Exposure:
 Handling radioactive materials and X-ray sources


Practical Aspects of the Use of Radionuclides:
 Authorization, Training, Regulatory Standards, Personnel
 Monitoring, Postings, Waster, etc.
 7/3 Parsai
Facility Shielding of Radiation Sources  7/10 Parsai
Radiation safety project report 
 7/17 Parsai/Sperling


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