Emergency Medicine Residency

Journal Club

Our Journal Club is held the second Tuesday of the month at one of our faculty homes. If you would like any further information please contact the Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

Journal Club Articles:

 May 11, 2010       Dr Meridith Womick as presenter

ECG escitalopram            B-blocks Cocaine

 April 13, 2010        Dr Michael Tricoci as presenter

Non- Invasive Ventilation           Cpap & Bipap

 March 9, 2010        Dr Sean Marquis as presenter

Postpartum HA             TTP/HUS

February- canceled due to weather

January 12, 2010      Dr William Saunders as presenter

Direct Medical Cost of Pts with Epilepsy

Insurance and F/U for ER seizure visits

November 10, 2009   Dr Nick Kwan as presenter

Post Reduction Film Study

Study on Prereduction Radiographs

External Rotation Success Study



MRSA Inatimate Objects


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