Emergency Medicine Residency

Matthew Beeson MD

I confess I’m a Duck. I, like Dr. Dustin Dean (PGY2), am an Oregonian adopted by Ohioans to be trained as an Emergency Physician (-/samurai). I however, unlike Dr. Dustin Dean, am from rural-ish Southern Oregon where I grew up on a farm (not really) only to move to the big city (Eugene, OR – population 158,332 according to Wikipedia) to become a Duck (Go Ducks!!!). THE University of Toledo was kind enough to take me in and spit me out with an “MD” at the end of my name, and now they’ve taken me back in to make me a really awesome ED “MD”!! Some things about me personally: I love my family, mountains, bikes, runs, novels, movies, medicine and the UTMC EM program!!!

Last Updated: 6/26/15