Cancer Biology Track

David C. Allison, M.D., Ph.D.



M.D.   1967 University of Michigan
Ph.D.  1976 University of Chicago (Microbiology)

Positions and Honors:

1967-1968       Surgical Intern, University of Chicago
1968-1970       Medical Officer, U.S. Army
1970-1976       Graduate Student, University of Chicago
1974-1977       Surgical Resident, University of Chicago
1977-1978       Instructor of Surgery, University of Chicago
1978-1986       Assistant to Associate Professor of Surgery,
                        University of New Mexico School of Medicine
1978-1986       Staff Physician, Albuquerque Veterans Administration Medical Center
1986-1982       Associate Professor of Surgery and Oncology,
                        The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1986-1992       Chief of Surgical Oncology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
1986-1992       Staff Physician, Baltimore VAMC
1992-1996       Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, Medical College of Ohio
1992-Present   Lecturer in Surgery, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1997-2005       Professor of Surgery, Physiology and Molecular Medicine,
                        Medical College of Ohio
1997-Present   Director, Surgical Research
2004-2005       Acting Chairman, Department of Surgery, Medical University of Ohio
2006-Present   Director, University of Toledo Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center

Editorial Boards:

1984-1988       J Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
1987-1992       Cell and Tissue Kinetics
1987-1992       Cell Proliferation
1992-present   J Surgical Oncology


American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for Cancer Research
American Surgical Association
Histochemical Society
Sigma Xi Society
Society of University of Surgeons
Society of Surgical Oncologists
Surgical Biology Club II
N.I.H. Site Visit Reviewer, "Extension of Radiotherapy Research" M.D. Anderson
     Hospital, Houston, TX  January 1991
VA Merit Review Program, Program Specialist in Surgery, Veterans Health Services and
     Research Administration, July 1991-1995
American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, 1990-2000
Examination Consultant, American Board of Surgery, Surgical Basic Science Section, 1989-1999 


1972-1974          NIH Fellow, University of Chicago
1994-1995          President, Cell Kinetics Society

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:

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