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News from 2008

National Institute of Health Research Fellowship Award


Congratulations to CVMD student Terry Hinds, Ph.D. candidate.  He has been awarded an Individual National Research Service Award (NRSA).  His proposal was entitled:  "Fatty Acid Control Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome via TPR Proteins".  Terry works in the lab of  Dr. Edwin Sanchez. 



October 16, 2008:  New CVMD track Faculty Edith Mensah-Osman, M.D., Ph.D.


We welcome Edith Mensah-Osman to the CVMD track.  Edith joined the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in July and is also a member of CeDER.  Prior to being recruited she obtained an M.D. from Kharkov State Medical University in the Ukraine, obtained a Ph.D. at Wayne State University in 2003 and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan.  She has a variety of research interests that relate to metabolic diseases, pharmacology and cancer.  If you see her say hello and welcome.


September 12-16, 2008: Beata Lecka-Czernik's lab attend Bone meeting in Canada

Members of Dr. Beata Lecka-Czernik’s lab attended the 30th Annual Meeting of American Society for Bone and Mineral Research that was held in Montreal, Quebec on the 12-16th September 2008. The meeting concentrated on bone biology, bone health, and the clinical and scientific advances in treating bone-related diseases and Dr. Lecka-Czernik’s lab. presented two posters. Shilong Huang MD, Ph.D. et al., presented the plenary poster entitled “Regulation of Bone Mass and Osteoclastogenesis by CEACAM 1,” and predoctoral student Sima Rahman, et al., presented a poster called “PPARγ2-mediated proteolytic degradation of b-catenin determines an anti-osteoblastic effect of anti-diabetic TZDs.”



September 10, 2008: Yiliang Chen wins the Retirees' Scholarship Award



Congratulations to Yiliang Chen!  Yiliang was selected from among the CVMD students to receive the 2008 Retirees' Scholarhip award.  The award is given to the best overall student in each of the four biomedical research tracks.  Each winner will receive $250.

The winners in the other graduate tracks were:

Goleeta Alam, (CB)
Miao Chen, (IIT)
Tyler Hendershot, (NND)

Yiliang Chen (right) with his advisor Dr. ZiJian Xie after receiving the news


September 4, 2008: Zhichuan Li successfully defends his dissertation

Congratulations to CVMD student Zhichuan Li who successfully defended his Doctor of Physiology dissertation on September 4.  The title of his dissertation was the Na/K-ATPase Signaling: from Bench to Bedside.  Zhichuan gave an excellent presentation of his very interesting project. 

        Zhichuan Li and Dr. Zi-Jian Xie


August 6, 2008: Garrett Heinrich wins the Satellites' Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Garrett Heinrich!  Garrett was selected from among the CVMD students to receive the 2008 Satellites' Scholarhip award.  The Satellites are a group of UT-HSC volunteers who have a long tradition of providing support and scholarships to our students.  This award is given to one outstanding upper level graduate student in each track.  Each winner receives $300.

The winners in the other graduate tracks were:

Aparna Kaul, (CB)
Ranendra Dutta, (IIT)
Tyler Hendershot, (NND)



July 23, 2008: Manya Warrier successfully defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Manya Warrier who successfully defended her dissertation July 23.  The title of her dissertation was the Role of FKBP51 and FKBP52 in Glucocorticoid Receptor Regulated Metabolism.  FKBPs are a family of proteins that bind FK506, which is the immunosuppressant drug tacrolimus marketed as Prograf®.  Manya gave an excellent presentation of her very interesting project.  Manya will being doing her post-doctoral work with Dr. Daniel P. Kelly, who is the Scientific Director of the Burnham Institute for Medical Research, Orlando, Florida.  The picture below shows Manya with her advisory committee following her defense.  (see Physiology Pharmacology Dept. News for another picture)

Manya Warrier (front) with her committee, from left to right, Drs. Eddie Sanchez (major advisor), Cynthia Smas, Linda Dokas, ZiJian Xie, and Sonia Najjar


July 10, 2008: CVMD student Carmen Quatman awarded $5,000 grant

Congratulations to Carmen Quatman a fourth-year MD/PhD student, who has received a $5,000 grant from the American College of Sports Medicine Foundation to further develop a mathematical model to learn more about the biomechanics of ACL injuries and to determine why women are more susceptible to ACL tears that can sideline athletes for up to one year.  This story was reported in UTNews.  The picture, taken from the article, shows Carmen and Dr. Vijay Goel, adjunct professor of orthopedic surgery, the McMaster-Gardner Professor of Orthopedic Bioengineering, and co-director of the Engineering Center for Orthopedic Research Excellence on the Main and Health Science campus with whom she is working on the project.


June 27, 2008: The 35th Annual Pharmacology Colloquium in Ann Arbor

Thirty-five students and 6 faculty members of the Physiology and Pharmacology Department and CVMD graduate track attended the 35th Annual Pharmacology Research Colloquium held this year in the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  This colloquium brings together graduate students and faculty from the “pharmacology” departments of the Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and the University of Toledo, College of Medicine for a day long scientific program.  This year faculty from the four schools judged the posters and talks.  Five out of the 6 selected finalists among the posters were students from the CVMD track.  These were Zhichuan Li in ZiJian Xie's lab, Sima Rahman in Beata Lecka-Czernik's lab, Gargi Roy in Robert Wang's lab, Katye Smedland in Guillermo Vazquez lab, and Cory Stebal in Sandrine Pierre's lab.  Congratulations to all of you!  As icing on the cake, Gargi Roy was awarded first place and will receive a check for $300 and an enscribed plaque will be sent to display in the department until next year when the colloquium will be held at Wayne State university in Detroit.  (More details and more pictures of the event) 


June 6, 2008: College of Medicine Graduation Held at the Peristyle


Summer 2008: SURF Summer Undergraduate Research Program



May 28, 2008: Maria Szkudlarek Awarded AHA Predoctoral Fellowship


CVMD student Maria Szkudlarek has been awarded an AHA predoctoral fellowship from the Great Rivers Affiliate of the American Heart Association to support her predoctoral research.  Her project is entitled Transcriptional Regulation of Adipogenesis by Prieurianin and her major advisor is Dr. Khew-Voon Chin.  The award is for $21,000 for the year beginning July 1.  Congratulations Maria!

Picture shows Maria discussing her work at the Annual Pharmacology Colloquium at the University of Michigan, June 27, 2008


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