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2015 News

August 21, 2015: Welcome new BMS Graduate Students

The fifth annual Lab Coat Ceremony for the new graduate students in the BMS program was held in the new Lloyd Jacobs Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center at 1:00PM following a very popular welcome lunch.  The students were welcomed by Dr. Kandace Williams, Associate Dean, COMLS Graduate Programs, Dr. Ronald McGinnis, Senior Associate Dean for COMLS Student Affairs, Mr. Dan Saevig, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations, Adam Blatt, president of the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students,  and  Dr. Dorothea Sawicki, Vice Provost for Health Science Affairs, University and Accreditation and Programs Review.  Each graduate student was presented a lab coat by Mr. Daniel Saevig, assisted by Marianne Pohlman.  Students from the Molecular Medicine (CVMD) track, the Cancer Biology (CAB) Track, the Immunity and Infection and Transplantation (IIT) track, the Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders (NND) track and the Bioinformatics and Proteomics and Genomics (BIPG) track participated.

In the lunch line: Post-doc Dr. Lucia Russo, CVMD Graduate students Simona Ghanem and Hilda Ghadieh, and CAB faculty, Drs. Maurice Manning and Randy Ruch.
Lab Coat Ceremony 2015:  Dr. Kandace Williams, Associate Dean, COMLS Graduate Programs addresses new students and guests


June 12, 2015: The 42nd Annual Pharmacology Colloquium at the University of Toledo

The 42nd Annual Pharmacology Research Colloquium was hosted this year by the University of Toledo Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology.  This Pharmacology Colloquium brings together graduate students and faculty from the “pharmacology” departments of the Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and the University of Toledo, College of Medicine for a day long scientific program.   

Welcome addresses were delivered by Dr. Howard Rosenberg, Interim Chair of the UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology and Dr. William Messer, UT Vice President for Research and former Chairman of the Dept. of Pharmacology in the UT College of Pharmacy.

There were 139 registrants from the 4 schools including over 90 students and 45 faculty.  Students number included not only the graduate students in the programs but also 17 undergraduates including summer students.  The program included 13 oral presentations, including those by UT students Simona Ghanem, Hilda Ghadieh, Harshal Wagulde, and Xi Cheng, and 40 poster presentations with 5 presented by UT students.  The keynote lecture was presented by Tim Wiltshire, Ph.D. current Director of the Center for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 


CVMD student Simona Ghanem, presents her talk

Dr. Howard Rosenberg, interim chair of the Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology thanks Dr. Tim Wiltshire for coming to the colloquium to present his work.


Prince Ampem (UT)describes his work to judge Jamie Bernard, PhD (MSU)


May 1, 2015: Ying Nie successfully defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Ying Nie who successfully defended her dissertation May 1. The title of her dissertation was Positional Mapping for Blood Pressure Loci on Rat Chromosome 9 and her major advisor was Dr. Bina Joe.

April 30, 2015: Resmi Pillai successfully defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Resmi Pillai who successfully defended her dissertation April 30. The title of her dissertation was High resolution substitution mapping for genetic elements controlling blood pressure located on rat chromosomes 5 and 10 and her major advisor was Dr. Bina Joe.  

March 20, 2015: Shuhao Qiu successfully defends his dissertation

Congratulations to Shuhao Qiu who successfully defended his dissertation March 20. The title of his dissertation was Computational Simulation and Analysis of Mutations: nucleotide fixation, allelic age and rare Genetic Variations in population and his major advisor was Dr. Alexei Federov.

March 19-20, 2015: Annual Biomedical Graduate Research Forum

The Annual Biomedical Science Graduate Research Forum was held on March 19-20, 2015.  This event is organized by the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students of the UT Health Science Campus and provides an opportunity for health science students to present their work to fellow students and faculty.  Both oral and poster presentations were included with 13 oral presentations and 21 posters.  UT faculty and post-docs carried out the initial round of judging.  From the CVMD track, Latrice Faulkner, Mengjie Wang and Xi Cheng gave oral presentations and Prince Tuffour Ampem presented a poster.  Winners in the poster competition were first place Brian Youseff (IIT track, Travis Taylor, PhD advisor), second place Heather Brown (Bioinformatics, Preoteomics and Genomics  track, Travis Taylor, PhD  advisor) and third place Ila Datar (Cancer Biology track, Kam Yeung, Ph.D. advisor).  Winners of the oral sessions were first place Kari Lavik, (Cancer Biology track, Kate Eisenmann, Ph.D. advisor) and second place Adaeze Izuogu (IIT track, Travis Taylor, Ph.D. advisor).  Congratulations to all the winners and participants.  The judges of the final group were keynote speaker Dr. Keith Flaherty, Associate Prof. Dept. of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Dr. Kandace Williams (Associate Dean for COMLS Graduate programs).

CVMD students Xiaoming Fan and Mariam Alakrawi
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