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CVMD Student Research Forum, June 17, 2010: The Morning

The Inaugural Student Research Forum of the CVMD Track in Biomedical Sciences was held on Thursday, June 17, 2010 in the Health Education Building on the Health Science Campus.  Although many students, staff and faculty worked hard in putting together the day's events, special thanks must go to Dr. Nader G. Abraham, who in his first year as Chairman of the Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology conceived of this event and was responsible for its organization and making it a valuable educational experience for all.

CVMD track and Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology students and post-docs with guest speakers and judges (click picture to see larger version)

Dr. Abraham welcomes participants and acknowledges those that helped in the organization of the research forum.


Dr. Thea Sawicki, Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies gave a welcoming address

Dr. Debra Gmerek, Associate Dean for the UT Center of Clinical Research discussed the importance of translational research

The keynote lecture was presented by Dr. John C. McGiff, Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Pharmacology at New York Medical College, NY.  The title of his lecture was "More than a Gas Bag, the RBC, ATP, EETs and Circulatory Homeostasis" 

Dr. McGiff gives an overview of EET metabolism

Dr. John C. McGiff

Drs. Abraham and McGiff

Dr. McGiff's stimulating lecture was following by presentations by eight students: Terry Hinds, Yanling Yan, Sima Rahman, Jehnan Liu, Jean-Yves Tano, Leah Palladino, Luca Vanella and Anita Saxena.

Terry Hinds from Dr. Eddie Sanchez lab gave a talk on Expression of glucocorticoid receptor beta in mice and its potential role to increase lipid storage and insulin sensitivity


Jehnan Liu from Dr. Sonia Najjar's lab gave a talk on Mechanisms underlying the link between obesity and neoplastic progression

Jean-Yves Tano from Dr. Guillermo Vazquez lab gave a talk on Differential contribution of PI-PLC and PC-PLD to constitutive versus regulated function of TRPC3 channels


Luca Vanella from Dr. Nader Abraham's lab is asked a question by Dr. John McGiff following his talk on Arachidonic acid metabolites regulate mesenchymal stem cells-derived adipocyte differentiation

Luca Vanella and Drs. Bina Joe and John McGiff

Terry Hinds, Lance Stechschulte and Joseph Marino

Leah Palladino from Dr. Edith Mensah-Osman's lab gave a talk on Menin liver specific hemizygous mice on high fat diet display a severe metabolic syndrome phenotype

Yanling Yan from Dr. Joe Shapiro's lab gave a talk Salt-loading and ouabain induce differential NHE3 regulation via sodium pump in the proximal tubules of Dahl salt-sensitive and salt-resistant rats

Sima Rahman (not shown) from Dr. Beata Lecka-Czerniks lab gave a talk entitled Beta-catenin sequesters PPARgamma2 pro-adipocytic activity

Anita Saxena from Dr. Robert Wang's lab gave a talk on the Role of Hsp105 in CFTR biogenesis

Drs. Howard Rosenberg, George Drummond and Ron Mellgren

 After the student presentations, Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, Provost and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine gave a talk describing the factors that he has found are important in developing a successful career in medicine and research.

Dr. Jeffery Gold describes the lessons he has learned

Moumita  Banerjee  and Namrata Madan

Dr. Jeffrey Gold with the key words that pertain to "career lessons learned"

Dr. Abraham thanks Dr. Gold for participating in the program.

Special thanks go to Lisa Akeman's daughter Tiffany, who came to the research forum specifically to take photographs for us and help record the event.

The morning sessions were followed by poster presentations and the Vladimir Nigrovic Lectureship in Pharmacology and Anesthesia in the afternoon. and an Awards Dinner at the Toledo Club in the evening.

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