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College of Medicine Graduation, June 6, 2008

Fourteen students in the CVMD track graduated June 6 with MS or PhD degrees.   Many of them attended the graduation ceremony, which this year was held in the beautiful Peristyle theater in the Toledo Museum of Art. 

Graduating students and their major advisors in the CVMD track included:

Ying Chen, PhD; (ZiJian Xie, PhD)
Jihad Elkareh, PhD; (Joseph Shapiro, MD)
Aaron Kellogg, PhD; (Rodica Pop-Busui, PhD)
Manya Warrier, PhD; (Edwin Sanchez, PhD)
Justin Ways, PhD; (George Cicila, PhD)
Elias Antypas, MD, PhD; (Ana Maria Oyarce, PhD)
Hussein Bagalb, MS; (Joana Chakraborty, PhD)
Haiping Cai, MS; (Jiang Liu, PhD)
Nasser El-Okdi, MS; (Joseph Shapiro, MD)
Samuel Lupica, MS; (John Turner, PhD)
Andrew McSweeny, MS; (George Cicila, PhD)
Vanamala Raju, MS; (Joseph Shapiro, MD)
Jaganath Saikumar, MS; (Bina Joe, PhD)
Amjad Shidyak, MS; (Joseph Shapiro, MD)

Jihad Elkareh being hooded by his mentor and major advisor Joseph Shapiro, MD.

 Manya Warrier hooded by her advisor Eddie Sanchez.             Nasser El-Okdi hooded by Mark Wooten.

Justin Ways hooded by his advisor George Cicila.                 Elias Antypas hooded by Amira Gohara.

Aaron Kellogg receives his certificate from Dr. Gold.           Hussein Bagalb is hooded by Mark Wooten

Vanamala Raju (left) and Jagannath Saikumar (right) hooded by Mark Wooten.

Commencement speaker David C. Leach, MD (retired past Executive Director of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) poses with Jeffrey Gold, MD (Provost and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine) and Lloyd Jacobs, MD (President of the University of Toledo) after receiving an honorary D.Sc. degree.

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