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Graduate Research Forum

 March 30, 2010 Annual Biomedical Graduate Research Forum

The Annual Biomedical Science Graduate Research Forum was held on March 30 and 31, 2010.  This event is organized by the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students of the UT Health Science Campus and provides an opportunity for health science students to present their work to fellow students and faculty.  Seventeen students in the CVMD track presented posters.  Most noteworthy was that CVMD student Sima Rahman was awarded the first place prize for her poster entitled B-Catenin Sequesters PPARg2 Pro-Adipocytic Activity.  She received a prize of $500.  Her major advisor is Dr. Beata Lecka-Czernik of the Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery.  Second place went to Mithun Khattar in the Immunity Infection and Transplantation (IIT) track and third place to Sanjeevani Arora in the Cancer Biology (CB) track of the Biomedical Science program.  As is evident from the photos below, all students had plenty of opportunity to discuss and defend their work and did so with great enthusiasm.  Runners-up were Andy Yutein Chung (IIT), Venkata Dangeti (CB) and Srinivas Saladi (CB).  The judges of the final six were Anna Mapp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan.  Dr. Mapp also presented the keynote address entitled “Catching Activators in the Act”.

The event was held in the sunlit atrium of the Center for Creative Education.

Mithun Khattar (IIT Track) second place winner explains the fine details of his poster to fellow students.  His poster was entitled: the Impact of Downregulated g-C Cytokine/Jak3 Signalling on Survival and Differentiation of T-Cell Subsets During Priming.

Sanjeevani Arora  (CB Track) third place winner explains her poster to two judges, Dr Bob Trumby from the CB track and Dr Bina Joe from the CVMD track.  Her poster was entitled: Specific Inhibition of XPF-ERCC1 Potentiates Cisplatin Cytotoxicity In Cancer Cells

Judging begins:  Dr. ZiJian Xie, Venkata Dangeti, ??, Dr. Edith Mensah-Osman, Dr. Mark Wooten, and Stephen Kyser

Katye Smedlund (CVMD track) presents her poster to Dr. Bob Blumenthal 

Angela Burgess (CVMD) discusses her poster with Dr. Cynthia Smas.

Angela Burgess (CVMD) presents her poster to Dr. Pat Hogue.

Anita Saxena (CVMD) explains her work on protein trafficking to Dr. Danny Kim.

Damien Earl (NND) discussing his work with students Angela Burgess and Amrei Krings

Dr. Edith Mensah-Osman (CVMD) judging the poster of Minal Mulye (IIT).

Luca Vanella (CVMD) discussing his work with Dr. Thea Sawicki, Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

QiQi Yi (CVMD) discussing her work with Dr. Jennifer Hill.

Dr. ZiJian Xie listening to Mesfin Gonit (CB) explain his work.

Vipula Petluru (CVMD) listens to a tricky question from her judge Dr. Joshua Park.

Katye Smedlund discussing her work with Dr. Edith Mensah-Osman.

Michael Bechill (IIT) explains his work to CVMD student Jean-Yves Tano.

Venkata Dangeti (CB) explains a complicated point to judge Dr. Mark Wooten.  Venkata was one of the runners up making it into the top 6 posters. 

Srinivas Saladi discussing his poster with fellow CB track student Thomas Blomquist.  Srinivas' poster also made it in to the top six.

Council of Biomedical Graduate Student Officers: Suneethi Sivakumaran, and Mithun Khattar (President), with Yanling Yan, and QiQi Ye

Katye Smedlund at her poster with lab-mate Jean-Yves Tano.

Leah Palladino (CVMD)

Anita Saxena (CVMD)

Yanling Yan (CVMD)

Sanjeevani Arora (CB)

QiQi Ye (CVMD)

Shuai Dong (CVMD)

Yoann Sottejeau (CVMD)

Jian Wu (CVMD)

Luca Vanella (CVMD)

Jean-Yves Tano (CVMD)

Kristine Angevine (CVMD)

End of the day: Jean-Yves Tano, Payal Patel, Leah Palladino, Kristine Angevine and Katye Smedlund and Dr. Bob Trumbly


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