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Graduate Research Forum

 March 23, 2011 Annual Biomedical Graduate Research Forum

The Annual Biomedical Science Graduate Research Forum was held on March 23 and 24, 2011.  This event is organized by the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students of the UT Health Science Campus and provides an opportunity for health science students to present their work to fellow students and faculty.  Ten students in the CVMD track presented posters.  As is evident from the photos below, all students had plenty of opportunity to discuss and defend their work and did so with great enthusiasm.  Winners were first place Minal Mulye (IIT track, Mark Wooten, PhD advisor), second place Paul Schroder and third place Mithun Khattar (both in IIT track, with Stan Stepkowski major advisor).  Runners-up were Jean-Yves Tano and Namrata Madan both students in the CVMD track and Himangi Marathe in the CB track.  The judge of the final six was Thomas M. McIntyre, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, OH.  Dr. McIntyre also presented the keynote address entitled “Oxidized phospholipids are required for TNFα-induced cell death”.

The event was held in the atrium of the Center for Creative Education.


QiQi QiQi Yi (CVMD) discussing her work with Dr. David Giovannucci and students Gaurav Mehta and Shweta Aras.



Minal Mulye (IIT Track) first place winner explains her poster to judge Dr. Guillermo Vazquez (CVMD).

M Mulye


Jean-Yves Tano (CVMD track) one of the 6 finalists presents his poster to Dr. Claudio Cortis (IIT) Tano


Yan Yanling Yan (CVMD) discusses her poster with Dr. Claudio Cortis.


Moumita Banerjee (CVMD) presents her poster to Dr. Stan Stepkowski. Banerjee


Khattar Mithun Khattar (IIT) third place explains his work to Dr. Dave Dignam.


Judges Drs. Bob Trumbly and Khew Voon Chin discussing poster with IIT student Yi Yao. Judging


 Jian Wu Jian Wu (CVMD Track)


Jean-Yves Tano at his poster with lab-mate Katye Smedlund.  Smedlund and Tano


 Qiu Xiaoliang Qui (CVMD track)


Namrata Madan (CVMD track) and Minal Mulye (IIT track) members of the BMS student council.

 Madan and Mulye


 Eisenmann Dr. Kate Eisenmann checking in at the student council table.


Moumita Banerjee with her poster.



 Smedlund Katye Smedlund with her poster.


Joshua Waldman (IIT) explains his poster to Charles Bishop medical student doing a summer research project in the CVMD track.



 QiQi QiQi Ye (CVMD)


 BMS Student Council

Council of Biomedical Graduate Student Officers: Gurpanna Saggu (Vice-President), Namrata Madan, Venki Chari, Sumit Bhattacharya, Saurabh Sharma (President) and Stuart Collins (Secretary).






Dr. Randy Ruch with one of the 6 finalists Himangi Marathe (CB track)


Dr. Stan Stepkowski closely studies Moumita Banerjee's poster.




Dr. Bob Trumbly and Gurpanna Saggu and Suneethi Sivakumaran






IIT student Yi Yao explains her data to judges Drs. Bob Trumbly and Khew Voon Chin.


Akshada Sawant (CB) explains her poster to CVMD post-doc Yiliang Chen. Chen



Sanjeevani Arora (CB)


Judges at work: Dr. George Cicila  Cicila



Judges at work: Dr. Stan Stepkowski 


Judges at work: Dr. Claudio Cortis Cortis



Judges at work: Dr. Lijun (Catherine) Liu 


Judges at work: Dr. Stan Stepkowski 



Visiting Scholar Yu Wang and Manoranjani Tillekeratne from the Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology


Bechill Michael Bechill, (IIT)


Meghan Wyse, (CB)   Wyse
 Bhanot Haymanti Bhanot, (CB)
Jean-Paul Lavik, (IIT)  Lavik
 Stanoszek Lauren Stanoszek, (CB) 
Mesfin Gonit, (CB)  MS
 Lause Gregory Lause
Himangi Marathe, (CB)  Marathe
Dr. Cynthia Smas with Jieying Wang, (IIT)  Smas
 Bhattacharya Sumit Bhattacharya

Venkata Dangeti, (CB) explains his poster to Dr, George Cicila Dangeti
Waldman Joshua Waldman, (IIT)
Mugdha Patki (CB) Patki


Chari Venkatesh Chari, (CB)


Yutein (Andy) Chung, (IIT) Chung

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