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April 26, 2012: Liz Tietz Retirement Reception

 Dr. Liz Tietz, Prof. Physiology and Pharmacology
 Dr. Nader Abraham, Department chairman addresses the well-wishers at the reception held in the atrium of the Center for Creative Education
 Dr. Abraham details Liz's long career at the univeristy
 Dr. Abraham and Dr. ZiJian Xie present Liz with some retirement gifts from the Department  
 Liz Tietz and Jian Xie   
 Liz reminiscing over her years in the department
 Drs. Abraham, Tietz and Howard Rosenberg
 Drs. Nader Abraham, Howard Rosenberg, Eddie Sanchez, ZiJian Xie, and Ashok Kumar
 Larisa Fedorova, Debra LeBarr, Sue Wilson, Marge Gable, Elaine Chalfin, and Sandrine Pierre
 Lisa Akeman monitoring cake consumption
 Drs. Nikolai Modyanov and Terry Hinds  
 Dr. Ron Mellgren and Sue Wilson
 Debra LeBarr and Drs. Nikolai Modyanov and Terry Hinds 
Nader Abraham, Joe Margiotta (Dept. Neurosciences) and Liz's husband Frank Zorick  
 Jenny Zak and Dr. William Messer
 Sue Wilson, Ron Mellgren, Frank Zorick, Bruce Bamber and Liz Tietz  
 Howard Rosenberg, Marge Gable, Martha Heck and Nikolai Modyanov
 Howard Rosenberg, Marge Gable, Martha Heck and Nikolai Modyanov  
 Hesham Youssef keeping an eye on us!
 Anita Easterly and Suzanne Payne  
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