Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Track

Graduates of the Molecular Medicine Track
(Previously Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Track)

Sravan Kumar Perla
PhD Defense, December 7, 2018
Epigenetic Regulation of the Human Angiotensinogen Gene by Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
Dr. Ashok Kumar

Xiaoming Fan
PhD Defense, December 6, 2018
Project:  Regulation of Na/K-ATPase and its Role in Cardiac Disease
Advisor:  Dr. Jiang Tian

Hilda E. Ghadieh
PhD Defense, July 13, 2018
Project:  Impaired Hepatic Insulin Clearance Links Fatty Liver Disease to Atherosclerosis
Advisor:  Dr. Sonia Najjar

Iyad Manaserh
PhD Defense, June 8, 2018
Loss of Astrocyte Insulin Receptors Link Insulin Resistance to Reproduction, Metabolism, and Behavioral Disorders
Dr. Jennifer Hill

Youjie Zhang
PhD Defense, May 1, 2018
Project:  Genomic and Microbiomic Architectural Contributions to Aerobic Exercise Capacity
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

Prabhatchandra Dube
PhD Defense, November 15, 2017
Project:  Mechanisms of Calcification in atherosclerosis: Role of Macrophages and the Transient Receptor Potential 
Canonical 3 (TRPC3) Channel
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Rajib Dutta
PhD Defense, September 27, 2017
Project:  Computational Analysis of Human Genomes Reveals "Great Admixture" of Ancient Humans Leading to 
the Creation of Modern People Who Also Carry Signatures of GC-biased Gene Conversion
Advisor:  Dr. Alexei Fedorov

Jeffrey Xie
PhD Defense, June 14, 2017
Project:  Molecular Insights into Chronic Kidney Disease
Advisor:  Dr. Steven Haller and Dr. Jiang Tian

Xiaoliang Wang
PhD Defense, June 13, 2017
Profect:  Na/K-ATPase as a Signal Integrator Important for Animal Physiology
Advisor:  Dr. Zi-Jian Xie

Xi Cheng
PhD Defense, May 22, 2017
Project:  Genetics of Hypertension
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

Prince Tuffour Ampem
PhD Defense, April 13, 2017
Project:  The Transient Receptor Potential Canonical 3 (TRPC3) Channel: Novel Role in Endothelial Cell Apoptosis and its Impact on Atherosclerosis
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Sumeet A. Solanki
PhD Defense, April 3, 2017
Project:  The Role of TRPC3 Channels in Survival/Apoptosis of Polarized Macrophages in Atherogenesis
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Simona Ghanem
PhD Defense, March 24, 2017
Project:  Regulation of Insulin Action by CEACAM 2
Advisor:  Dr. Sonia Najjar


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