Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Track

Graduates of the Molecular Medicine Track
(Previously Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Track)

Youjie Zhang
PhD Defense, May 1, 2018

Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

Prabhatchandra Dube
PhD Defense, November 15, 2017
Project:  Mechanisms of Calcification in atherosclerosis: Role of Macrophages and the Transient Receptor Potential 
Canonical 3 (TRPC3) Channel
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Rajib Dutta
PhD Defense, September 27, 2017
Project:  Computational Analysis of Human Genomes Reveals "Great Admixture" of Ancient Humans Leading to 
the Creation of Modern People Who Also Carry Signatures of GC-biased Gene Conversion
Advisor:  Dr. Alexei Fedorov

Jeffrey Xie
PhD Defense, June 14, 2017
Project:  Molecular Insights into Chronic Kidney Disease
Advisor:  Dr. Steven Haller and Dr. Jiang Tian

Xiaoliang Wang
PhD Defense, June 13, 2017
Profect:  Na/K-ATPase as a Signal Integrator Important for Animal Physiology
Advisor:  Dr. Zi-Jian Xie

Xi Cheng
PhD Defense, May 22, 2017
Project:  Genetics of Hypertension
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

Prince Tuffour Ampem
PhD Defense, April 13, 2017
Project:  The Transient Receptor Potential Canonical 3 (TRPC3) Channel: Novel Role in Endothelial Cell Apoptosis and its Impact on Atherosclerosis
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Sumeet A. Solanki
PhD Defense, April 3, 2017
Project:  The Role of TRPC3 Channels in Survival/Apoptosis of Polarized Macrophages in Atherogenesis
Advisor:  Dr. Guillermo Vazquez

Simona Ghanem
PhD Defense, March 24, 2017
Project:  Regulation of Insulin Action by CEACAM 2
Advisor:  Dr. Sonia Najjar

Xiaoyu Cui
PhD Defense, November 28, 2016
Project:  Regulation of Cellular Bioenergetics by Na/K-ATPase
Advisor:  Dr. Zijian Xie

Saja Khuder
PhD Defense, February 5, 2016
Project:  Novel Regulation of Leptin action by Endothelial Cell Ceacam1
Advisor:  Dr. Sonia Najjar

Latrice Faulkner
PhD Defense, August 3, 2016
Project:  Reproductive Consequences of Central POMC insulin and leptin resistance in male rodents
Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Hill

Shuhao Qiu
PhD Defense, March 20, 2015
Project:  Matrix Algorithm for Genome Evolution
Advisor:  Dr. Alexi Fedorov

Ying Ni
PhD Defense, May 1, 2015
Project:  Genetic elements controlling blood pressure on RN09
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

Resmi Pillai
PhD Defense, April 30, 2015
Project:  Genetics of Hypertension
Advisor:  Dr. Bina Joe

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