Medical Microbiology and Immunology


MMI Curriculum

100 Question Exam

Qualifying Exam Requirements: Masters, Doctoral 

Guidelines for UT travel support – Graduate Student Handbook (Update coming soon)

Graduate Student & Mentor Checklist

MMI Mentor/Student Agreement

MMI Grad Student Advisory Committee Meeting Report                              

Thesis, Dissertation & Scholarly Project Deadlines

MD/PhD Dual Degree Program Student Handbook 2016     

Student Time Away Policy               

Checklist for graduation information: Masters, Doctoral

Domestic Travel Request Form

International Travel Request Form


All online fillable forms are required to be printed in order to obtain the required signatures as indicated on each form. The College of Graduate Studies does not accept digital signatures at this time.

 All of these forms are used to inform the College of Graduate Studies of your progress through the degree program. They also serve as a kind of work contract between you and your advisor/committee, confirming that you are on the right track. All forms should be filed in a timely manner per the instructions on each form and/or according to the timeline appropriate to your degree program.

Current versions of all Graduate College forms are available as individual PDF files through the links below. To ensure that you are providing all required information, please do not submit previous versions of forms. All forms must include your Rocket ID Number. The Graduate College is unable to accept forms that do not include this information. This is to protect your privacy and to ensure that we can process all materials in a timely manner.


Last Updated: 1/11/19