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Annual Neuroscience Research Day

Neuroscience Research Day

The 7th Annual University of Toledo Neuroscience Research Day will occur on Friday, February 20th, 2009, from 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM in the Eleanor Dana Conference Center on the Health Science Campus of the University of Toledo.

The theme of this year's symposium will be "The Neuroscience of Consciousness." As in the past, we will also have a poster session and two short platform sessions covering a wide range of neuroscience topics. 

In a change from prior years, we must charge a fee for attendance to help defray expenses and cover food costs.  Registration is $15 for students, $25 for non-students (including faculty) and $45 for those seeking Continuing Medical Education credit. A continental breakfast, lunch and other refreshments will be served.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Rodolfo Llinas, Thomas and Suzanne Murphy Professor of Neuroscience and Chairman, Dept. of Physiology and Neuroscience, New York University.   Dr. Llinas’ research has probed the electrophysiology of neurons from the single synapse to multiunit recordings, recently focusing on the interactions between the sensory thalamus and cortex and its relationship to consciousness.  He has published a highly acclaimed neurophilosophical text entitled I of the Vortex in which he tackles the problem of how consciousness arises in the brain.  This will also be the topic of his lecture, provocatively entitled "The Neuronal Basis of Thalamocortical Relations:  A Basis for Consciousness?” Additional talks related to this theme will be given by selected UTCOM and Bowling Green State University faculty.  

One of the highlights of the day is the poster session, which will include work from all areas of basic and clinical neuroscience. Please submit your abstracts to Dr. John Greenfield  at in "Word" format no later than February 1, 2009.  Abstracts from outside institutions are welcome!  You may use the same poster you presented at the Society for Neuroscience or another neuroscience-related meeting, as long as it represents your most recent work. Whether or not you will submit an abstract, please complete registration through the Office of Continuing Medical Education using the registration form at the link below if you plan to attend. Graduate and/or undergraduate students are strongly urged to attend - this is meant to be a learning experience.

Investigators are encouraged to submit brief proposals for "mini-symposia" for the platform sessions, if your lab or a group of labs can produce 3 distinct but related talks on a theme. These talks will be 15 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions. Preference may be given to junior investigators and those with extensive or cross-institutional collaborations.

Please print and post copies of the 2009 poster where interested neuroscientists and students will see it.  You can use the 2009 brochure  to find more detailed registration information and a schedule of lectures.  Directions to the Eleanor Dana Conference Center on the University of Toledo Health Science Campus can be found on this map .

Links to posters and brochures or lecture schedules from prior years can be found be below.

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