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Master of Science in Occupational Health : Industrial Hygiene


The MSOH External Advisory Committee is composed of members of the community who practice in the field of Occupational Health.  The committee provides valuable input on course content, advances in the field, internship sites and updates in technology.  Members of the MSOH External Advisory Committee are:


Mike Berakis                                Materion

Heather Lorenz                           UT Health and Safety

                                                 Senior Industrial Hygienist

Dan Markiewicz                            Markiewicz & Associates, President

Chad Positano                             US Department of Labor--OSHA

                                                 Compliance Assistant Specialist

Ruben Rivas                                Pilkington, Human Resource Manager

Kenneth Smiegielski                     First Solar

Melisa Witherspoon                      Waterson Environment Group

                                                  Senior Project Manager

Farhang Akbar                             University of Toledo

                                                  Professor in Public Health and Preventive Medicine

April Ames                                   University of Toledo

                                                  Instructor in Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Sheryl Milz                                   University of Toledo

                                                  Associate Professor in Public Health

                                                  and Preventive Medicine

































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