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Medical Career Advising Resources

The process of choosing a career path within the medical profession is a personal one, and it's importance cannot be understated. Many find this prospect understandably daunting, but it is helpful to know that such a decision does not come overnight. It may take an extended period of time before arriving at the best fit for your personal, intellectual, and professional goals. And, students should take comfort in the fact that the average medical student changes his or her mind more than three times about a specialty before arriving at the final conclusion.

Fortunately, a multidisciplinary team of students, faculty members, administrators, and media gurus have come together to produce a set of resources to make the decision making process that much easier. Please explore the links on the right to see interviews with faculty members in the various medical specialties.

On each page you will also find descriptions from the AMA's Graduate Medical Directory and contact information for the appropriate professional association, where you can explore that specialty even further.

Learn more about Medical Student Career Advising

Last Updated: 12/21/17