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Medical Education Preceptorship

The overall goal of this experience is to aid the Gross Anatomy faculty in the preparation of prosected (i.e., pre-dissected) material to be used to enhance learning of human anatomy. For some areas of anatomy the combination of limited time and intrinsic complexity of the anatomy may reduce the effectiveness of dissection for the majority of the students. The gross anatomy faculty at The University of Toledo College of Medicine are in the process of building a library of prosected plastinated specimens for use by all students in the human dissections laboratories. Students who participate in this summer program will prosect specimens which will be included in department collection. The area (region) of the prosection will be mutually decided by the student and faculty.medical education specimen Additionally, students will be asked to prepare brief lesson plans that can be used when studying specific prosected specimens.

Student’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of anatomical specimens
  • Aid in the plastination process
  • Preparation of study aids for enhanced student learning

Benefit to the student: This experience will allow student(s) to review and expand their anatomical knowledge and to enhance their dissection skills.

Special Qualifications Required

  1. Completion of Human Structure and Development course (ANAT679), preferably with High Pass or Honors grade
  2. Good dissection skills (as assessed by Gross Anatomy faculty)
  3. Strong interest in the anatomical study
  4. Student must provide a brief description of an area where they feel prosected specimens will enhance student learning. This description should include the rationale for their selection.

Program Duration: 6-8 weeks

Compensation:  $9 hourly rate/up to 40 hours per week


  • UTCOM medical students who are in good academic standing.
  • Number of participants selected will be determined by available funding.
  • Students may only participate in one of the UTCOM Summer Educational Opportunities, but may apply to multiple programs.

Application Process:

  • Online application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Applicants must complete a FAFSA form to determine eligibility for Federal Work Study funding.


For More Information Contact:

Dr. Carol Bennett-Clarke
Phone: 419-383-4903

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