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Lee Strang

Lee Strang
Professor of Law

Interpreting constitutional law is becoming an increasingly complex and important role in politics. Obamacare, abortion and gerrymandering congressional districts are all impacted by the U.S. constitution and Supreme Court. In an increasingly polarized political climate, constitutional law expert Lee Strang provides the legal analysis behind proposed changes. 

Expertise: Constitutional law

Federal judge nominations
“I do think that politics is certainly playing a role in the time it takes to nominate and confirm judges today, more than it ever has. If federal judges do all the things that they now do, like make decisions on issues such as abortion and [school] busing, then people of different political views are going to care a lot about the views of the judges.”

Nominee for federal court seat is in limbo
The Blade
January 2012

Health care reform
“If you'd asked me a year ago, I would have said pretty strongly that this case would be an easy slam-dunk for the Obama Administration. But today with so much protest, a divided vote, and polls that show the public is not behind this health- care reform bill, the [U.S.] Supreme Court wouldn't be as concerned about having a backlash if they struck down the bill.''

Health reform opponents seek exemption for Ohio
The Blade
March 2010

law, Constitution, Bill of Rights, First Amendment, Obamacare, Supreme Court, abortion, gerrymandering
Last Updated: 6/26/15