With more than $12.5 million of active grants underway to address water quality concerns, The University of Toledo is taking a multidisciplinary approach to

Protecting the Nation's Great Lakes and Providing Clean Drinking Water.

We are proud to make a difference

  • The University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center features 30,000 square feet of enclosed lab, classroom and office space including a wet-lab with a flow-through lake water system, instrumentation lab for water and soil analysis and a geo-information and database lab with satellite downlink for analyzing regional environmental data.
  • In 2015 The University of Toledo dedicated a new research vessel to support dedicated to water quality research on Lake Erie. Custom build to support the University’s research needs, the 25 foot craft enables UT to partner with the city of Toledo and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to monitor the health of the lake and provide real time data on drinking water quality.
  • UT professor Christine Mayer serves as a bi-national member of the International Joint Commission Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, which regulates shared water uses and investigates transboundary water issues to make recommendations to the governments of the United States and Canada.


Photo of UT graduate student Holly Embke examining grass carp eggs.

UT graduate student Holly Embke examining grass carp eggs.