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Graduate Research Symposia

The annual Biological Sciences Graduate Research Symposium (BGRS) is held each year.  All biological sciences graduate students conducting research in a lab are encouraged to participate.  The entire UT Biological Sciences department including faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to attend.  Family and friends are also invited, and an external “keynote speaker” is invited to present a cutting edge molecular and cellular biology research presentation to the group.

The BGRS provides a forum for graduate students to present their work in a formal setting, similar to what they will experience if they choose a career in science.  It provides an opportunity to showcase the exciting projects in which our graduates are involved and to network with their peers.  It also demonstrates to the public the important role graduate students play in the departmental research mission.

Typically, the program begins in the morning with a keynote address presented by a prominent biologist.  This is followed by student presentations.  There is a short break for pizza and soda at noon.  Student talks continue in the afternoon.  A coffee break and the awards ceremony follow the final presentation. 

1st  (2014)
2nd (2014) 
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