Course Syllabus Archive

NSM1000 Beginning the Academic Journey
BIOL1120 Survey of Biology
BIOL1140 Biological Aspects of Human Consciousness
BIOL1220 Survey of Biology
BIOL1340 The Nature Of Science
BIOL2010 Major Concepts of Biology
BIOL2150 Fundamentals of Life Science: Diversity of Life, Evolution & Adaptation
BIOL2160 Fundamentals of Life Science Lab
BIOL2170 Fundamentals of Life Science: Biomolecules, Cells, and Inheritance
BIOL2180 Fundamentals of Life Science Lab
BIOL3010 Molecular Genetics
BIOL3020 Molecular Genetics Lab
BIOL3030 Cell Biology
BIOL3040 Cell Biology Laboratory
BIOL3070 Human Physiology
BIOL3090 Developmental Biology
BIOL3100 Developmental Biology Laboratory
BIOL3210 Human Nutrition
BIOL3510 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL3910 Research Project Laboratory in Biology
BIOL4010 Molecular Biology
BIOL4030 Microbiology
BIOL4040 Microbiology Lab
BIOL4050 Immunology
BIOL4060 Immunology Lab
BIOL4090 Cancer Biology
BIOL4110 Human Genetics
BIOL4170 Developmental Genetics
BIOL4210 Molecular Basis of Human Disease

BIOL4250 Introduction to Neurobiology
• BIOL4330 Parasitology
BIOL4700 Biological Literature and Communication
BIOL4910 Undergraduate Research
BIOL4950 Internship in Biology
BIOL4980 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL4990 Advanced Reading in Biology
BIOL5030 Advanced Microbiology
• BIOL5040 Advanced Microbiology Lab
• BIOL5050 Advanced Immunology
• BIOL6000 - 8000 Scientific Thought And Expression
BIOL6010 - 8010 Advanced Molecular Biology
BIOL6090 - 8090 Advanced Cell Biology
BIOL6100 - 8100 Research Methodologies Course
BIOL6200 - 8200 Advanced Signal Transduction
BIOL6260 - 8260 Topics in Cancer Biology
BIOL6920 - 8920 Special Projects in Biology
• BIOL6930 - 8930 Seminars in Biology
• BIOL6960 Masters Thesis Research
BIOL6990 - 8990 Advanced Readings in Biology
 BIOL7040 Advanced Microbiology Lab
• BIOL7050 Advanced Immunology
BIOL8960 Doctoral Dissertation Research

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Last Updated: 8/10/18