A graduate degree in biology can take you down many paths, ranging from what is considered the “traditional route,” academia, to the “alternative options,” which can vary from careers in big pharmaceutical companies, to editing and consulting positions.  Because of the vast variety of career options, the Careers in Science committee hopes to expose students to these options and to help them be prepared for their career after their Ph.D. or post docs.  The Careers in Science Committee aims to help students be successful in whatever path they so choose, by hosting events, from seminars to career fairs, that inform students about potential job options and to connect students with mentors
Biology PhD Career Path
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If you are interested in attending any events, meetings, or just being involved with the committee, please contact us at
President:                                              Christopher Arnst
Executive Vice President:                        Roberto Alers-Velazquez
Vice President of Finance:                      Jenna LaBelle
Vice President of Communications:        

Last Updated: 8/10/18