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Recent Graduates from the Departmental graduate degree programs:

  • Veronica Lommler - M.S. - Thesis Title. "Lyssavirus rabies and the Potential for Rabies Elimintion from Terrestrial Wildlife Reservoirs in the United States". Laboratory of Dr. Plenefisch, John.
  • Hapiak, Vera - Ph.D. - Dissertation Title. "Neuropeptides Amplify and Focus the Monoaminergic Inhibition of Nociception in Caenorhabditis elegans". Laboratory of Dr. Komuniecki, Richard.
  • Abi Saab, Widian - Ph.D. - Dissertation Title. "The Regulatory Role of Mixed Lineage Kinase 4 (MLK4) beta in MAPK Signaling and Ovarian Cancer Cell Invasion". Laboratory of Dr. Chadee, D.
  • Gao, Shuai - Ph.D. - Dissertation Title. "The Pro-Survival Functions of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Alpha-1 (sGCa1) and Zinc Finger Protein 280B (ZNF280B) in Prostate Cancer". Laboratory of Dr. Shemshedini, L.
  • Du, Pei - Ph.D. - Dissertation Title. "Investigating the Role of Growth Factor Independence-1 (Gfi1) in Inhibition of Apoptosis and Induction of Lymphona in Collaboration with c-Myc". Laboratory of Dr. Dong, Fan.
  • Lutz, Lindy - Ph.D. - Dissertation Title. "Cauliflower mosaic virus P6 protein interactions: A complex story". Laboratory of Dr. Leisner, Scott.

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