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Dr. Doug Leaman's Research


Douglas Leaman

Professor and Chair
Ph.D. University of Missouri, 1993
Office:         WO 1235N 
Phone No:   419.530.2066


A primary focus of Dr. Leaman’s lab is the study of host-virus interactions. His laboratory is primarily interested in learning how interferons help protect cells from viral cytopathicity. In particular, his work is focuses on several proteins (RNF114, ISG12a, Noxa and XAF-1), some interferon-regulated, that are involved in mediating cellular innate immune responses to virus infections. These studies should help uncover molecular details of the antiviral mechanisms conferred by interferons. In addition, he has been studying the roles of specific viral proteins in blocking cellular innate immune responses. Some of this work is focused on a fish pathogen, viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, which is a significant emerging pathogen in the Great Lakes. 


Publications (out of 63 since 1990)

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Current Students:

Graduate Students:

Qi Ke - Ph.D.

Samantha Stefl - M.S.

Shelby Powell - M.S. (Starting Fall 2014)

Wade Weaver - M.S. (Starting Fall 2014)


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