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Work on Cool Chemistry This Summer ... and Get Paid!

What types of problems and opportunities do you think your generation will be facing in the future? The need for new medicines? Creating versatile materials not yet discovered? Detecting impurities in pharmaceuticals? Analyzing proteins with advanced instrumentation?

Each entry on this list, and many more you could easily suggest, has chemistry at their core. Chemistry is known as the Central Science for good reason.

Do you see yourself solving important problems using chemistry? You are invited to apply for a position working on a chemistry research project at the Universityof Toledothis summer. We have received a Project Seed grant from the American Chemical Society to support high school students to do chemistry. With ACS money and matching funds from grants and donations, each student will be paid a stipend of $2,500 for studying full-time for 8-10 weeks. Students who participate in two years of Project Seed are also eligible to apply for special college scholarships from ACS.

The program is designed to encourage economically disadvantaged high school students to pursue career opportunities in the chemical sciences. ACS wants to ensure that there will be the next generation of chemical scientists! There are two requirements: successful completion of 1 year of high school chemistry and family income below a certain cap*.

For 2014, there will be 5 high school students at UT in the program. For information about participating faculty projects click here.

If you would like to participate in the 2014 UT Project SEED program, you can download an application here.

For posting information in hard copy form, a flyer is available here.

For questions feel free to call or email Dr. Jon Kirchhoff: 419-530-1515 or

*Family income below $47,700 for a family of 4 (or 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for family size) or close to this limit if a secondary factor is present, such as: first generation in college, single parent, member of an underrepresented minority.

Project Seed is supported by the American Chemical Society, grants to University of Toledo faculty, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and other contributions.

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  • Lorenza Favrot defended her Ph.D. dissertation
  • Tien Ho defended his Ph.D. dissertation
  • Nicholas Zeringo defended his Ph.D. Disseration
  • Rajvinder Kaur defended her M.S. Thesis
  • Kevin Clark has been awarded a University Fellowship - Apr 2014
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