Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium 2015-2016

Colloquia are held at 4:00 p.m. in WO1205 unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2015


Monday, August 31

Ravi Alla, - Public MS Defense

Isailovic research group

Wednesday, Sept 30th

Dr. John C. Warner
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
Frontiers Centennial Speaker 

Monday, October 12th        

Dr. Jared Piper
Eli Lilly and Company
Host: Peter Andreana

Monday, Nov 2th

Dr. Diane Schmidt
ACS President

Wednesday, Nov 4th

Dr. David Clemmer
Indiana University
Host: Dragan Isailovic

Monday, Nov 9th

Dr. Eric C. Long
Host: Steven Sucheck

Wednesday, Dec 2nd

Dr. John Montgomery
University of Michigan
Host: Joseph Schmidt



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