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Faculty: Jiquan Chen

Jiquan Chen
Professor of Ecology

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Carbon and Water Cycle
  • Ecosystem Science
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Conservation Biology

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 Jiquan Chen
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Chen ResearchThe LEES Lab at the University of Toledo, directed by Dr. Jiquan Chen, is interested in scientific investigations and education on fundamental ecosystem and landscape processes for understanding ecosystem functions and management. Our current studies are focused on the carbon and water cycles of different ecosystems (grassland, desert, forest, cropland, wetlands, freshwater) at multiple spatial and temporal scales, bioenergy systems and resource uses, coupled interactions and feedback between climatic change and human activities, and sustainable management and conservation. Our research projects, spreading mostly across North American and Asian landscapes, are based on sound field experiments and monitoring stations, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, modeling, and remote sensing technology.

The LEES Lab is also the home of UT's CESU Program, the Landscape Ecology Working Group (8.01.02) of the IUFRO, the US-China Carbon Consortium (USCCC), UT's NEON Team, and a book series on "Ecosystem Science and Applications – ESA" for the Higher Education Press (HEP) and De Gruyter. We maintain a high ethical and liberal standard for professional collaborations in research and education.

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Recent Publications

For the most updated list, please visit Dr. Chen's Publications listing on the LEES website or Dr. Chen's Google Scholar page.

Zhang, F., J. Chen, J. Chen, C. M. Gough, D. Dragoni, and T. Martin. Evaluating spatial and temporal patterns of MODIS GPP over the conterminous US against flux measurements and a process model. Remote Sensing of Environment (Accepted).

Schaefer, K, C.R Schwalm, C. Williams, M. A. Arain, A. Barr, J. Chen, K. J. Davis, D. Dimitrov, T. W. Hilton, D. Y. Hollinger, E.Humphreys, B. Poulter, B. M. Raczka, A. D. Richardson, A. Sahoo, P. Thornton, R. Vargas, H.Verbeeck, R. Anderson, I.Baker, T. A. Black, P. Bolstad, J. Chen, P. Curtis, A. R. Desai, M. Dietze, D. Dragoni, C. Gough, R. F. Grant, L. Gu, A. Jain, C. Kucharik, B. Law, S. Liu, E. Lokipitiya, H. A. Margolis, R. Matamala, J.Harry McCaughey, R. Monson, J. W. Munger, W. Oechel, C. Peng, D. T. Price, D.Ricciuto, W. J. Riley, N. Roulet, H.Tian, C. Tonitto, M. Torn, E. Weng, X. Zhou. A Model-Data Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity: Results from the North American Carbon Program Site Synthesis. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeoscience (accepted)

Zhu, L., H. Li, J. Chen, R. John, and M Yan. Emergy-based sustainability assessment of Inner Mongolia. Journal of Geographical Sciences (accepted)

John, R., J. Chen, A. Noormets, X. Xiao, J. Xu, N. Lu, S. Chen. Modeling gross primary production in semi-arid Inner Mongolia using MODIS imagery and eddy covariance data. International Journal of Remote Sensing (accepted).

Fang, X., Z. Zhang, T. Zha, J. Tan, X. Wang, J. Chen, J. Chen, G. Sun Ge. Ecosystem and soil respiration of a poplar plantation on a sandy floodplain in Northern China. Acta Ecological Sinica ()

LaCroix, J.J. Q. Li, S. Ryu, D. Zheng, and J. Chen. Edge effects on fuel loading and fire spread in a managed northern Wisconsin landscape. In xxx (eds). In Kafatos and Qu, Introduction to Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing, Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing, Springer and Tsinghua University Press (accepted).

Zheng, D., J.J. LaCroix, S. Ryu, J. Chen, J. Hom, and K. Clark. Fire spread regulated by weather, landscape structure, and management in Wisconsin hardwoods and New Jersey Pinelands. In Kafatos and Qu, Remote Sensing and Modeling Applications to Wildland Fires, Springer and Tsinghua University Press (accepted).

Li, Q., J. Chen, and D. L. Moorhead. 2012. Ecosystem respiratory losses in a managed oak forest ecosystem. Forest Ecology and Management 279:1-10.

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Shao, C., J. Chen, L. Li. and L. Zhang. 2012. Ecosystem responses to mowing in an Inner Mongolia prairies: an energy perspective. Journal of Arid Environments 82. 1-10.

Chevallier, F., T. Wang , P. Ciais, F. Maignan, M. Bocquet, A. Arain, A. Cescatti, J. Chen, H. Dolman, B. Law, H. Margolis, L. Montagnani, E. Moors. 2012. What eddy-covariance flux measurements tell us about prior errors in CO2-flux inversion schemes? Global Biogeochemical Cycles 26, GB1021, doi:10.1029/2010GB00397

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Chen, J. 2012. Interdisciplinary research in ecological research. Pages 26-40, In Han and Wu (eds.), Ecological Vision: Challenge, Response and Strategy. Higher Education Press.

Zhou, J, Y. Wei J. Yang, X. Yang, Z. Jiang, J. Chen, A. Noormets, and X. Zhao. 2011. Carbon budget and its response to environmental factors in young and mature poplar plantations along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 9: 8 1 8 - 8 2 5.

Yuan, W., Y. Luo, S. Liang, G. Yu, S. Niu, P. Stoy, J. Chen, A. R. Desai, A. Lindroth, C. M. Gough, R. Ceulemans, A. Arain, C. Bernhofer, B. Cook, D. R. Cook, D. Dragoni, B. Gielen, I. Janssens, B. Longdoz, H. Liu, M. Lund, G. Matteucci, E. Moors, R. L. Scott, G. Seufert, and R. Varner. 2011. Thermal adaptation of net ecosystem exchange. Biogeosciences, 8, 1453–1463.

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  • EEES 4760 LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY [3 hours]
    Emphasis will be placed on ecological patterns, processes and management applications at multiple spatial and temporal scales. [Spring, alternate years, odd] Prerequisite: EEES 3050.

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