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LEC Publication Number Assignments - 2012

Pub Number Authors Journal, issue, pages Title
2012-01 Karsiotis, S.I.*, L.R. Pierce*, J.E. Brown*, C.A. Stepien Journal of Great Lakes Research Salinity tolerance of the invasive round goby: Experimental implications for seawater ballast exchange and spread to North American estuaries
2012-02 Chaffin, J.D.*, Bridgeman, T.B., Heckathorn, S.A., Krause, A.E. ON HOLD
Journal of Phycology
Role of suspended sediments and mixing in reducing photoinhibition in the bloom-forming cyanobacterium microcystis
2012-03 Pierce, L.R.*, C.A. Stepien Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  Evolution and biogeography of an emerging quasispecies: Diversity patterns of the fish Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus (VHSv)
2012-04 Sarah Panek* M.S. Thesis The ecology of the nuisance cyanobacterium, Lyngbya wollei, in the Western Basin of Lake Erie
2012-05 Hillary Dean* B.S. Thesis A genetic history of walleye (Sander vitreus) spawning in Cattaraugus Creek of the Seneca Nation: a comparison of two genomes
2012-06 Stepien, C.A., J.A. Banda*, D.M. Murphy*, A.E. Haponski* Transactions of the American Fisheries Society Temporal and Spatial Genetic Consistency of Walleye Spawning Groups
2012-07 Todd Crail* Ph.D. Dissertation The ecological niche of darters (Pisces:Percidae) across multiple scales in the Ohio River Basin
2012-08 Mayer, C.M., B. Zhu, R. Cecala Book: Oneida Lake: Long-Term Dynamics of a Managed Ecosystem and its Fisheries The Zebra Mussel Invasion of Oneida Lake: Benthification of a Eutrophic Lake a chapter
2012-09 Barnswell, K., Dwyer, D.  Waste Management  Two-year performance by evapotranspiration covers for municipal solid waste landfills in northwest Ohio
2012-10 Becker, R.H., Zmijewski, K.A. and T.D. Crail Biological Invasions Seeing the Forest for the Invasives: Mapping Buckthorn in the Oak Opening

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