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Student Watershed Watch, Fall 2009

Over 275 students and 8 teachers participated in Student Watershed Watch (SWW) 2009 with our GK-12 fellows. We developed a streamlined handbook and a powerpoint presentation that served as a resource for the teachers.

The SWW helps area teens learn about our local stream ecosystems so that they may grow to become environmentally-aware citizens. Students tested streams for temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and many other parameters to determine the health of the water. Benthic samples were collected from the stream bottoms for analyzing macroinvertebrate communities.The program culminated at the SWW Summit, held November 20, 2009, at the University of Toledo, where students presented and compared their results. The fellows, teachers and students had a great time collecting and analyzing stream data! Below are some photos from the SWW groups.







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