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GK-12 Personnel

Nancy Cochran, Thermal Imagery
GK-12 Fellow (Partnered with Michelle Bogue, Sylvania Northview)

I received my B.S. in biology from Bowling Green State University in May 2007 and my masters in biology from University of Toledo in August 2009.  My master’s research was focused on the eco-physiology of Microcystis blooms in the turbid waters of western Lake Erie.  Other research projects that I have participated in include mayfly bioturbation impacts on phosphorus concentration, crayfish behavior response to novelty, abundance of a predatory zooplankton species, quantifying annual Microcystis bloom biomass, and feasibility of Lake Erie algae species as possible bio-fuel candidates. My Ph.D. research addresses the intensely debated question in lake management: Should nitrogen inputs into lakes be regulated (along with phosphorus) to control eutrophication? I am researching nitrogen as a potentially limiting nutrient in Lake Erie, the difference between nitrate and ammonium, and will there be any improvement to Lake Erie water quality if nitrogen inputs are regulated. I really enjoyed by first year in the GK-12 program at Clay High School, and I look forward to starting my second year in the program so I can share my passion for science with high school students and hope I can motivate them to enter college as a science major.

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