Lake Erie Center

GK-12 Personnel

Todd Crail, Invasive Modeling/Aquatic Ecology
GK-12 Fellow 2008-2010
Todd's Research
CV - 2010

Todd's doctoral research interests involved assemblage, niche and interspecific interactions in North American lotic aquatic systems (specifically fish and Unionid mussels). He also has a keen interest in aquatic zoogeography, in particular, using phylogeography to reconstruct Pleistocene/Holocene refugia and range recovery in glaciated landscapes. Todd's time in the GK-12 program has steered his career goals towards education. He is currently currently an instructor in the Department of Environmental Science at UT. Todd feels that our society is completely unaware of the interconnectedness of nature, human-derived breaks in those connections, and how this relates to the ultimate success or failure of the human species. Thus, it is his career goal to instill a basic sense of local natural history and its interpretation in future generations, and that teachers are the most capable group to disperse that information. Todd is the founding member and president of the Toledo Chapter of Wild Ones, a national organization that promotes the use of native plants as a landscaping alternative. Todd has created his own website,

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