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Dr. Carol Stepien
Carol Stepien PhD.
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The Great Lakes Genetics/Genomics Laboratory (GLGL) of the Lake Erie Center, formulated and directed by Dr. Stepien, focuses on working with federal and state agencies, along with national and international researchers, to develop and apply genetic/genomic DNA markers for:

  1. Evaluating the population and biogeographic structure and adaptedness of native fishes in the Great Lakes

  2. Understanding the vector pathways, population dynamics, evolutionary adaptations, and genetic time course of nonindigenous species invasions in the Great Lakes

  3. Interpreting gene flow patterns of river and lake fishes as influenced by dams, habitat changes, climate fluctuations, fishery exploitation and other anthropogenic factors.

  4. Early detection of invasive species using environmental DNA sampling.

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Read about our VHSv and eDNA research in the current issue of Ohio Sea Grant's Twine Line:




2015 GLGL members. From left: Devon Eddins, Cecilia Hennessy, Nate Marshall, Eva Kramer, Carol Stepien, Megan Niner, Matthew Snyder, and Katy Klymus. Not pictured: Lola Massenberg and Shelby Edwards.

GLGL 2014

2014 GLGL members. From left: Carson Prichard, Amanda Haponski, Nate Marshall, Lola Massenberg, Devon Eddins, Carol Stepien, Shane Yerga-Woolwine, Megan Niner, Matthew Snyder, and Katy Klymus.


GLGL 2013
2013 GLGL members. From left: Matthew Snyder, Carol Stepien, Carson Prichard, Amanda Haponski, Lindsey Pierce, and Shane Yerga-Woolwine. 


GLGL 2012
2012 GLGL members. From left: Tim Sullivan, Vrushalee Palsule, Amanda Haponski, Carson Prichard, Carol Stepien, Susanne Karsiotis, Shane Yerga-Woolwine, Julie Scardina, and Lindsey Pierce


2011 GLGL Lab
2011 GLGL members. From left: Vrushalee Palsule, Shotaro Hirase, Hillary Dean, Douglas Murphy, Amanda Haponski, Carol Stepien, Tim Sullivan, Lindsey Pierce and Susanne Karsiotis


2010 lab photo
2010 GLGL members. From left:  Tim Sullivan, Lindsey Pierce, Douglas Murphy, Carol Stepien, Amanda Haponski, Ghokan Kalayci, Jhonatan Sepulveda-Villet


2009 GLGL Members from front left: Jhonathan Sepulveda-Villet, Lindsey Pierce, Amanda Haponski, Carol Stepien. Members back left: Matt Neilson, Fabio Lobato, Doug Murphy, Joshua Brown.


2008 GLGL Members. From left: Doug Murphy, Matt Neilson, Emily Sopkovich, Rachel Lohner, Amanda Haponski, Joshua Brown, Carol Stepien, Jhonatan Sepulveda Villet.

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