College of Nursing

Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

The Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner major is a two-year, full-time program with part-time options. The curriculum is designed to prepare advanced practice nurses to provide comprehensive care to the entire adult population which includes the young adult through the older adult and frail elderly. The curriculum includes a minimum of 600 contact hours for clinical practice and selected laboratory experiences.

Admission Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate from an accredited college/university. Degree in nursing from a school that is accredited by a nationally recognized body for nursing education accreditation.
  •  Overall grade point average of 3.0 in undergraduate work.
  •  Submission of official transcripts from all academic institutions attended, one of which must state the baccalaureate earned.
  •  Active, unrestricted, unencumbered, Ohio RN License.
  •  Personal statement  describing career goals, future plans for employment, and expectations for graduate study.
  •  Current resume or CV.
  •  Three recommendations completed by professional sources (Master's in Nursing preferred).
  •  Computer competency that includes word processing skills and ability to communicate electronically.
  •  The Graduate Record Examination (General Subject GRE) and TOEFL* are required for international applicants. *Minimum required test scores:   
  •  An interview, if requested. 
  •  Completion of an undergraduate statistics course recommended.
  •  Students are required to authorize The University of Toledo to obtain criminal record checks (i.e. BCII & FBI) and are responsible for fingerprinting expenses. Students must  declare and document misdemeanor and/or felony offenses that occur prior to admission to the nursing program and/or during program progression. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code 4723-7, convictions will result in denial of admission to the program or dismissal after matriculation.
  •  Admission is competitive.
  •  Applications are completed through NursingCAS: and by submitting a nursing supplemental application to the University of Toledo: 


Semester I-Fall

Course # Course Title  Credit
NURS 5400 Theoretical & Ethical Foundations of Nursing 3
NURS 5680 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology  3
NURS 5740  Advanced Health Assessment (4 lab hours/week) 4
INDI 6000 Introduction of Biostatistical Methods 3
Semester II-Spring

Course # Course Title Credit
NURS 5690 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics  3
NURS 5910 Advanced Nursing Research  3
NURS 5530 Public Policy & Health Care 3
NURS 5190 Advanced Interpersonal Interventions (4 lab hours/week) 3
Semester III-Summer

Course # Course Title     Credit 
NURS 6310 Adult Gerontology Clinical I (180 clinical hours) 7
Semester IV-Fall 

Course # Course Title  Credit
NURS 5500 Family & Cultural Diversity Theories  3
NURS 6140 Advanced Practice Nurse: Roles & Issues 2
NURS 6320 Adult Gerontology Clinical II (180 clinical hours) 7
Semester V-Spring

Course # Course Title  Credit
NURS 6330 Adult Gerontology Clinical III (270 clinical hours) 8
CAPSTONE Field Experience, Thesis or Comprehensive Exam  3

Total Semester Hours
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