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Individual Field Experiences to Consider:

Title Faculty Document Information
Nursing interventions to improve outcomes and quality of life in adults with chronic health conditions (cardiovascular diseases, cancer); Emphasis on primary and secondary prevention Eileen Walsh, PhD, RN

Research Related to Lead Poisoning in Children and Adolescents: Behavioral Challenges and Health Policy Implications

Marilynne Wood, PhD, MSN, RN


Capstone for 2014-2015 focused on evidence-based practice and avoidable hospitalization conditions. 

Students will write informational Tips for caregivers on selected 'never events', e.g., falls, UTIs, Asthma, CHF, etc., using current research evidence. Students also will develop a Mediasite Presentation using PowerPoint slides that explains the Tips. See PDF file for more information.

Linda Pierce, PhD, RN, CNS, CRRN, FAHA, FAAN


End of Life Decision Making - End of Life Care Tracy Szirony, PhD, RN, CHPN
The Role of Advanced Practice With Underserved Populations
*Currently full
Susan Rice, PhD, RN, PCNP, CNS
**e-mail instructor for details

 Healthcare Mission-Honduras

 Healthcare Mission-Guatemala

 Sports Assessment & Concussion  Awareness

Susan Batten, PhD, RN, CNS




A Longitudinal Study With Older Women: Participation With a Research Team

Susan Sohacki, PhD, RN

Cancer Treatment Related Fatigue 

Kristina Reuille, PhD, RN

Innovations in Lifelong Learning and Professional Development

Deborah Mattin PhD, MBA, MSN, RN

Examining shared governance, engagement, and organizational structures through the implementation of a Student Council in a College of Nursing

Karen Hoblet, PhD (c), MSN, CNL


Comparing Health Care Systems and the Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Colleen Quinlan PhD, WHCNP

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