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Welcome to the College of Nursing at The University of Toledo where you will have the opportunity to discover more about nursing as a career, experience nursing education in the region, and make it your special place.  The College aspires to achieve its mission of improving the human condition through its vision for the future of nursing.  Nursing, at The University of Toledo, is distinctive and makes that vision real as it LEADS.  LEADS reflect the key themes of Learning (L), Engagement (E), Advance Knowledge (A), Discovery (D) and Scholarship (S). The College of Nursing is committed to each of these themes and embraces the challenge of taking the lead in nursing and health care in the region and beyond.

At the heart of the college are the students, faculty, staff and administrators.  These people seek to learn and help each other learn.  Faculty are expert educators, scholars, researchers, and clinicians who strive to maximize the potential beyond the learner’s own expectation.  Faculty assist their own colleagues in professional development as scholars and researchers.  Several faculty are actively involved with other Interprofessional colleagues in a variety of joint scholarly endeavors.

The Collier Building, home to nursing on the Health Science Campus, is a relatively young building that is being technologically upgraded to support our growing Phase II of the Interprofessional Immersive Clinical Simulation Center where you will experience the best in human simulation learning experiences. Many nursing courses are taught using a variety of approaches that include Web-assisted through totally Web-delivered classes.

At The University of Toledo, the College of Nursing offers programs leading to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and the Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) in multiple nursing specialty areas as well as the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program.  The college is pleased to provide the options of being admitted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) major three times a year: summer, fall or spring to meet the needs of our undergraduate students. We welcome associate degree and diploma RNs to our totally online RN to BSN program supporting the working nurse to aspire to the BSN degree.  Our alumni and RNs in the region and beyond enjoy the Continuing Nursing Education offerings sponsored by the college to meet their continued need for growth and development. 

Aim high and join the thousands of nurses who call UT their academic home and are now leaders in the state, country and world.  They make a difference one person or family at a time, improving the human condition throughout the world.  Please browse our Website and feel free to contact us at

Wishing you the best in your aspirations,

dean gaspar

Timothy Gaspar, PhD, RN
Dean and Professor

Last Updated: 6/26/15