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We believe the keys to improve children’s health are partnering with community stakeholders and building the capacity of individual and communities to address their needs. This web site aims to provide assistance and resources to school nurses, parents, and health care providers working on lead poisoning prevention across the world. The objectives of the ELSA are:

1. To provide support and resources to people living with elevated lead levels;        

2. To increase awareness among school nurses regarding the screening recommendations and health and behavioral complications of children with lead poisoning;

3. To increase knowledge of local resources available for healthcare providers, school nurses, parents, and students on primary and secondary prevention of lead exposure; 

4. To educate families and the communities on lead sources, cleaning techniques, nutritional recommendations, and techniques to avoid lead exposure.

Signs and symptoms of lead poisoning, if any, usually do not appear until dangerous amounts of lead have accumulated in the child’s brain and body. Lead is a heavy metal which is found in old paint, dust, outside dirt and other common places. When people, especially children, come in contact with lead in their homes, work, or play places, lead may cause damage to them. The damage results in problems like poor sleep, poor growth, learning problems or behavior issues.  Parent, schools, and health care providers have a responsibility to contribute to primary prevention and early intervention efforts to eliminate the occurrence of lead poisoning and address its effects on children.

Founders of ELSA:
Marilynne R. Wood, PhD, MSN, RN
Huey-Shys Chen, PhD, RN, MCHES, FAAN



Last Updated: 8/21/18