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IDEAL Team and Projects

IDEAL-UT Co-Director
Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti
Dr. Margaret Hopkins
Change Leaders
Year 1
Dr. Karen Bjorkman
Dr. Nancy Collins
Dr. Timothy Fisher
Year 2
Dr. Maria Coleman
Dr. Isabel Escobar 
Dr. Cyndee L. Gruden
Dr. Brian Randolph 
Year 3
Dr. Bina Joe 
Dr. Patricia Hogue
Dr. Sheryl Milz
Dr. Robert Blumenthal

Change Projects
Year 1 Change projects
1. Develop and administer a faculty climate survey
·      Faculty Climate Survey administered in conjunction with Campus Climate Survey in April 2010. 
2. Raise awareness of the change project and garner support from key campus alliances
·      Undertookcoalition building and steady communication with key leaders and administrators on campus including Chancellor, Provost, STEMM deans,
Faculty Senate and numerous others
3. Identify at least three initiatives to address findings from the survey.
•       Recommended three initiatives:
•       Develop strategies for formal mentoring within and outside the university – see year 2 and 3 initiatives.
•       Pursue a formalized, institutional strategy to address the issue of spousal/partner hiring – still to be addressed.
•       Repeat administration for Faculty Climate Survey – scheduled for spring 2012
Year 2 Change projects
1. Provide environment at UT that promotes support and advancement of women faculty in STEMM through peer advising and professional development.
·      Developed a mentoring program: Program for the Advancement of Women in STEMM (PAWS).  Activities included:
·      Dr. Diana Bilimoria and Ms. Amanda Shaffer gave an interactive presentation to women faculty from College of Engineering and STEMM fields followed by mixer to foster professional development relationships
·      Women faculty from the College of Engineering and STEMM fields participated in breakout sessions to discuss academic success and peer advising.  Peer advising teams were assigned for one year.
Year 3 Change projects
1. Provide promotion/tenure mentoring for female STEMM faculty
·      Completedpilot speed mentoring session. Recruited “alumni” of APT committee, along with assistant dean for faculty affairs and a negotiations expert from the business school; these mentors advised nine junior faculty members.
2. Promote retention of grants that span FMLA leaves
·      Letters sent by Faculty Affairs to all faculty members who took FMLA leave during afunded grant to solicit volunteers to provide feedback on challenges and advice. Follow up has been slowed by need to protect privacy. 
·      A “family friendly” webpage that will have links to all relevant HR and granting agency policies is in development.
3. Establish a standardized approach to FMLA leaves (e.g., clock, incentive award)
·      The Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences has agreed, in principle, to support a policy for automatic extension of promotion “clock”, along with standardized letter from his office summarizing rights for those taking FMLA leaves above a certain minimum length.
·      The Dean agreed to provide incentive awards for researchers (and separately foreducators) who best maintain productivity despite having taken leave (one award each per year). Meetings ongoing with Development Office to endow these awards.
4. Actively monitor starting salaries/packages and raises by gender
·      Identified target department for trial analysis of this long-term project. Goal is to test for differences in (a) starting salaries, (b) startup packages, and (c) post-hire raises.

Learning Community
Regular meetings are scheduled between team members from the IDEAL partner institutions, carrying the collaborative relationship further as members share and refine their institutions’ progress. Additionally, input from subject specialists is available to clarify questions on the change process and the development of effective organizations, and to share best practices from ADVANCE institutions.

Plenary Presentations
2010 Presentation

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