Enrollment Management

Department of Online Program Development and Compliance

Online Program Development and Compliance is responsible for investigating opportunities leading to the development of online degree and certificate programs by providing day-to-day and long-term engagement with faculty, program directors, department chairs, and deans. In consultation with academic units, the team produces feasibility studies on newly proposed online degrees leading to potential partnerships with UT Online. The department is also responsible for compliance with federal and state authorization laws and regulations relating to the delivery of online education, and, leading departmental assessment initiatives.

Services Offered by the Department

Online Program Development

  • Build and maintain formal networks across the university;
  • Build and maintain informal networks across the university;
  • Coordinate and facilitate the collaboration of faculty and administration in exploring and developing online curricula/degree offerings; and,
  • Produce Feasibility Studies for proposed new online degrees.

Legal compliance with federal and state authorization laws and regulations affecting online education

  • Research and perform ongoing review of applicable laws and regulations; and,
  • Submit required documents, maintain required records, and make necessary adjustments in response to senior administrative policies and changes in state laws and/or regulations.


  • Assist Associate Provost for Online Education in leading assessment initiatives in Learning Ventures; and,
  • Serve as a liaison and member of the University Assessment Committee


Last Updated: 6/9/16