Government Relations

Current Legislation Related to Higher Education


Bill Number: SB8
Sponsor: Coughlin
Description: SB 8 intends to restore the income tax deduction for college tuition and fees.

Bill Number: SB24
Sponsor:  Mumper
Description: Requires the board of trustees of each public and private institution of higher education to adopt a policy recognizing that students, faculty and instructors of the institution have an academic bill of rights.

Bill Number: SB42
Sponsor:  Zurz
Description: SB 42 seeks to provide exemption from reductions in per pupil funding for state universities that do not increase instructional and general fees for Ohio residents by more than the rate of inflation.

Bill Number: SB64
Sponsor:  Miller, R.
Description: SB 64 seeks to provide for matching funds for federal TRIO programs at Ohio colleges.

Bill Number: SB104
Sponsor: Fedor
Description: This bill creates tax credits for nurses teaching in post secondary education.

Bill Number: SB139
Sponsor: Mumper
Description: SB 139 seeks to permit state institutions of higher education to use either single or multiple prime bidding for public improvement projects; to exempt from the Prevailing Wage Law projects constructed by state institutions of higher education and projects constructed by private, non-profit organizations that receive public moneys to construct those projects; and to prohibit the Ohio School Facilities Commission from approving school district projects that specify the payment of prevailing wages.

Bill Number: SB151
Sponsor: Roberts
Description: Requires U.S. publishers desiring to offer textbooks to students of the state institutions of higher education to provide, on a free website, information about textbooks and supplemental learning materials sold by the publisher, including bundling practices, textbook modification, and the publishers return policy.

Bill Number: SB174
Sponsor: Buehrer
Description: Prohibits knowlingly performing or attempting to perform human cloning, participating in either, or sending or recieving a human embryo produced by human cloning or a product derived form that embryo.

Bill Number: SB222
Sponsor: Cates
Description: To add a representative from the Ohio Campus Law Enforcement Association to the Peace Officer Training Commission, to require the Commission to develop recommendations for training peace officers in conducting law enforcement activities in a higher education setting, and to provide qualified immunity to an officer or employee of a private college or university who reports a potential safety risk at the college or university.

Bill Number: SB248
Sponsor: Austria
Description: Requires state institutions of higher education to charge a resident rate to a nonresident student who is a United States Armed Forces member and who is stationed in Ohio pursuant to military orders, or who is the spouse or dependent child of such a studentRequires state institutions of higher education to discount the tuition rates for certain students who are Ohio National Guard members by at least 50% of the Ohio resident rates.

Bill Number: SB311
Sponsor: Cates
Description: Effective withing the 2009 academic year, replaces the exisiting requirement that students seeking on campus housing indicate whether they have been vaccinated against meningoccal meningitis and hepatitis B with a requirement that the students provide proof of vaccination.



Last Updated: 6/26/15