Department of Internal Audit and Compliance

Does UT Internal Audit ever get audited?  If so, by whom?

Yes, internal audit functions may be audited and evaluated like any other business function at UT.  The Board of Trustees receives Internal Audit's regular reports to its Audit Committee and formally evaluates our performance.  In addition, after each significant audit, we request that management complete a brief customer service survey informing us of how well we did our work.  Our policy to cooperate fully with all government entities, accounting firms, external auditors, and other third parties that rely on our work. 

Further, The Institute of Internal Auditors (the professional association guiding our work) requires that all internal audit organizations participate in an external review of the quality of our internal operations every five years.  Quality assurance reviews are performed by qualified third parties that have no ties to UT Internal Audit.  UT Internal Audit will also participate in peer reviews of our operations using the Association of College and University Auditor’s (ACUA's) Quality Assurance Program.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16