UT President - Dr. Sharon L. Gaber

President's Advisory Council

The University of Toledo President’s Advisory Council is composed of invited University thought leaders who serve on the Council to advise Dr. Sharon Gaber. They meet the first Thursday of each month. 


Dr. Sharon L. Gaber, President

Matt Schroeder, Chief of Staff

Andrew T. Hsu, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kelly Andrews, Senior Associate Athletics Director, SWA

Bill Ayres, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Heidi Appel, Dean, Jesup Scott Honors College

Dan Barbee, CEO of UTMC

Jamie Barlowe, Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

D. Benjamin Barros, Dean, College of Law

Karen Bjorkman, Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Frank J. Calzonetti, Vice President for Research

Beau Case, Dean, University Libraries

Phillip A. Cockrell, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Christopher J. Cooper, Executive Vice President for Clinical Affairs & Dean, College of Medicine and Life Sciences

David L. Cutri, Director of Internal Audit, Chief Compliance Officer

Bryan C. Dadey, Associate Vice President of Finance

Wendy Fraley Davis, Associate Vice President of Human Resources 

Lori Deshetler, Professional Staff Council Chair

Johnnie L. Early, II, Dean, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Julie Fischer-Kinney, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention

Charlene Gilbert, Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Shanda Gore, Associate Vice President for the Eberly Center and MBDC

Brenda Grant, Associate Vice President for Grant Academic Finance and Planning

Mitchell Haines, Graduate Student Government President

Mike Harders, Vice President for Advancement

Hassan HassabElnaby, Interim Dean, College of Business Innovation

Christopher D. Ingersoll, Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Andrea Kalinoski, Graduate Council President

Virginia Keil, Interim Dean, College of Education

Lawrence R. Kelley, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO

Steve LeBlanc, Interim Vice Provost for Student Success

Barb Kopp Miller, Dean, University College

Brenda Lee, UT Foundation, President

Linda Lewandowski, Dean, College of Nursing

Brett Loney, Associate Vice President of Development, Main Campus

William McCreary, Vice President and CIO

Willie McKether - Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Vice Provost

Diane Miller, Associate Vice President of Federal Relations, Main Campus

Bonnie Murphy, Associate Vice President for Auxiliaries

Jeffrey C. Newton, Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police

Mike O'Brien, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Barbara Owens, Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Peter Papadimos, Vice President and General Counsel

Bryan Pyles, Senior Associate Dean of Finance/Strategic Planning, Health Science Campus

Jimmy Russell, Student Government President

Dan Saevig, Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations

Stephanie Sanders, Interim Vice President of Enrollment

Valerie Simmons Walston, Associate Vice President and Director of Residence Life

Stephen J. Snider, Associate Vice President of TechTran/Assoc General Counsel

Sammy Spann, Interim Dean of Students

Michele Soliz, Assistant Vice President Student Success and Inclusion

Barbara Tartaglia-Poure, Executive Director of National Development

Amy Thompson, Faculty Senate President

Michael Toole, Dean, College of Engineering

Jason J. Toth, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Construction

Peg Traband, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Kevin West, Senior Director of Faculty Relations/Chief Inclusion Officer

Last Updated: 2/28/18