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Professor Emeritus

In recognition of a retiring faculty member's service to this University, and as a tribute from faculty colleagues, a faculty member may be commended publicly and named by the Board of Trustees to the rank of Professor Emeritus.

Below are resources on the process and policy for professor emeritus:

Faculty Name Department Rank Effective
Abu-Absi, Samir English Professor Emeritus 4/28/2006
Alteneder, Ruth E. Ph.D. Nursing Professor Emerita 10/1/2000
Alexander, Kenneth Pharmacy Practice Professor Emerita 7/1/2016
Ahmed, Mesbah, Ph.D. Business and Innovation - ITOM Professor Emeritus 8/1/2015
Anderson, Judith A. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Professor Emerita 7/1/2003
Argueta-Bernal, Guillermo A. Ph.D. Psychiatry Associate Professor Emeritus 1/1/2006
Armstrong, Charles Kinesiology Professor Emerita 10/1/2014
Armus, Havard Psychology Professor Emeritus 1/17/2013
Askari, Amir Ph.D. Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Professor Emeritus 7/1/2014
Attie, Diana Art Professor Emerita 1/23/2012
Bachmann, Kenneth Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 7/1/2008
Baker, Ann W. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 1/1/2006
Barden, Thomas English Professor Emeritus 8/10/2013
Beeman, Don Marketing Professor Emeritus 1/7/2011
Benjamin, Barbara Rehabilitation Sciences Professor Emerita 7/1/2014
Benjamin, James Communication Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Bhumbra, Nasreen M.D. Pediatrics Professor Emerita 10/1/2016
Bischoff, William Biological Sciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Black, Curtis D. Ph.D. Pharmacy Practice Professor Emeritus 7/1/2011
Blatz, Charles Philosophy Professor Emeritus 8/13/2012
Boening, John English Professor Emeritus 4/28/2006
Bopp, Bernard Physics & Astronomy Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Bowyer, Linda Finance Professor Emerita 8/15/2011
Brand, Paul H. Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Associate Professor Emeritus 5/14/2012
Britton, Diane F. History Professor Emerita 8/17/2014
Brockermyer, Jeanne Psychology Professor Emerita 12/31/2010
Brookfield, Ernest G. M.D. Pediatrics Professor Emeritus 10/1/2000
Budd, G. Colin Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 9/1/1996
Budd, Neilma J. M.D. Pathology Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/1998
Buehrer, Richard Marketing Professor Emeritus 1/7/2011
Burnham, Jeffrey C. Ph.D. Medical Microbiology & Immunology Professor Emeritus 1/1/1994
Butler, Bernadette Ed.D. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 8/1/1999
Campbell Jr., Earl W. M.D. Medicine Professor Emeritus 11/26/1996
Campbell,   Bruce Law Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Carr, James Law Professor Emeritus 5/5/2012
Cave, Alfred History Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Cedargren, Deanna F. R.N., Ph.D. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/27/1998
Chakraborty, Joana Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emerita 7/1/2013
Chapman, Douglas Law Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Chesney,   Barbara Sociology & Anthropology Professor Emerita 4/30/2014
Compaan, Alvin Physics & Astronomy Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Conran, Philip B. Ph.D., D.V.M. Pathology Professor Emeritus 3/1/2005
Conroy, Maureen Finance Professor Emerita 8/15/2011
Cooks, Helen Educational Foundations Professor Emerita 7/1/2016
Cryan, John R. Early Childhood, Physical, and Special Education Professor Emeritus 4/1/2017
Creutz, Charles Biological Sciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Czerniak, Charlene Education Professor Emerita 9/1/2016
Darley, William K. Marketing Professor Emeritus 8/15/2011
DeBeukelaer, Martin M. M.D. Pediatrics Professor Emeritus 7/1/2005
Dignam, John David Ph.D. Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Professor Emeritus 1/1/2015
Dobelbower, Ralph R. M.D., Ph.D. Radiation Oncology Professor Emeritus 3/1/2005
Doll, William Management Professor Emeritus 6/4/2012
Donabedian, Haig M.D. Medicine Professor Emeritus 8/1/2008
Dubrul, Ernest Biological Sciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Dunn, Thomas Educational Foundations Professor Emeritus 8/13/2012
Dupuy, Paula Counselor Education Professor Emerita 7/1/2010
Eastop, Norma J. M.S.N., R.N. Nursing Assistant   Professor Emerita 7/1/2011
El-Shafie, Mohamed M.D. Surgery Professor Emeritus 7/1/1998
Evans, Jane C. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Professor Emerita 7/1/2006
Faber, Lee E. Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 1/1/2006
Feldmeier, John J. D.O. Radiation Oncology Professor Emeritus 8/9/2013
Ferguson, Shirley M. M.D. Psychiatry Professor Emerita 7/1/1993
Fogt, Rexford Art Professor Emeritus 4/1/2013
Freimer, Earl H. M.D. Medical Microbiology & Immunology Professor Emeritus 7/1/1998
Fu, Kuan-chen Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus 6/1/2002
Funk, Max Chemistry Professor Emeritus 5/5/2013
Garcha, Rajinder General Libraries Professor Emerita 7/1/2007
Gerstein, Marc Art Professor Emeritus 1/1/2012
Giddan, Jane J. M.A. Psychiatry Professor Emerita 12/1/2002
Godfrey, Donald A. Ph.D. Surgery Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Goldblatt, Peter J. M.D. Pathology Professor Emeritus 7/1/2000
Goldman, Stephen Environmental Science Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Goodenday, Lucy S. M.D. Medicine Professor Emerita 1/1/2013
Gottlieb, Marvin E. M.D. Psychiatry Professor Emeritus 11/27/1996
Gray, William Foundations of Education Professor Emeritus 6/10/2014
Grothaus, Kay L. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/2004
Guip, David H. Art Professor Emeritus 7/1/2016
Gutteridge, Thomas Business and Innovation Dean and Professor Emeritus 8/1/2016
Guyton-Simmons, Joanne L. R.N., Ph.D. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/1998
Hanson, Daniel J. M.D. Pathology Professor Emeritus 10/1/2008
Harrell, James Environmental Science Professor Emeritus 5/8/2009
Hewitt, Paul Mathematics and Statistics Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Heydinger, Andrew G. Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus 4/29/2011
Hicks, Barbara H. M.S.N., R.N. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/2005
Hill, James Theatre & Film Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Hinko, Christine Nesterick Ph.D. Pharmacy Professor Emerita 1/1/2015
Hinman, Channing Medicinal & Biological Chemistry Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Hopperton, Robert Law Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Hoss, Wayne P. Ph.D. Pharmacy Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Hudson, Richard Medicinal & Biological Chemistry Professor Emeritus 7/1/2008
Hussain, Amjad M.D. Surgery Professor Emeritus 8/1/2015
Hussain, S. Amjad M.D. Surgery Professor Emeritus 1/1/2004
Jabarin, Saleh Chemical & Environmental Engineering Professor Emeritus 12/1/2014
Jacobson, Michael History Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Jamali, Mohsi Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Emeritus 5/13/2016
Jhunjhunwala, Jagadish M.D. Urology Professor Emeritus 10/1/2002
Johnson, Larry W. M.D. Family Medicine Associate Professor Emeritus 11/1/2006
Kaderavek, Joan Early Childhood, Physical, and Special Education Professor Emerita 12/20/2016
Kamm, James Engineering Technology Professor Emeritus 8/19/2013
Kane, John T. M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Professor Emeritus 7/1/2014
Karst, Thomas O. Ph.D. Psychiatry Professor Emeritus 10/1/1993
Kemph, John P. M.D. Psychiatry Professor  Emeritus 10/11/1986
Kennedy, Robin Law Associate Professor of Law Emeritus 5/30/2013
Kim, Ken Marketing Professor Emeritus 3/23/2010
Kim, Kitai M.D. Pathology Professor Emeritus 7/1/2003
Kim, Wun Jung M.D. Psychiatry Professor Emeritus 1/1/2006
King, Roger Engineering Technology Professor Emeritus 8/1/2016
Kirsner, Allan B. M.D. Medicine Associate Professor Emeritus 3/1/2003
Knecht, Richard Communication Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Komuniecki, Patricia Biological Sciences Professor Emerita 8/6/2016
Komuniecki, Richard Biological Sciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Kramer, Steven Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Professor Emeritus 7/1/2008
Kunnathur, Anand, Ph.D.

Business and Innovation

Professor Emeritus 6/1/2015
Lane, Richard D. Ph.D. Neurosciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2014
Lau, Peter M. M.D. Pathology Professor Emeritus 10/23/2001
Le, Thuong, Ph.D. Marketing Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Lettman, Dennis S. Dean Dean Emeritus 7/1/2016
LeSage, James Economics Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Lindquist, Peter Geography Professor Emeritus 6/1/2015
Lipman, Joel English Professor Emeritus 8/11/2012
Longenecker, Clinton, Ph.D. Management Professor Emeritus 6/1/2015
Lynch, Denis J. Ph.D. Family Medicine Professor Emeritus 7/1/2005
Many, Paul Communication Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Marker, Diane Business and Innovation- AOT Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Martyn, Susan Law Instruction Professor Emerita 6/1/2015
Mayhew, Harry E. M.D. Family Medicine Professor Emeritus 2/1/1999
McCorquodale, D. James Ph.D. Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Professor Emeritus 7/1/1993
McInerney, William Early Childhood, Physical, and Special Education Professor Emeritus 10/4/2012
McSweeny, A. John Ph.D., J.D. Psychiatry Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Mellgren, Ronald Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 1/1/2015
Merrick, Hollis M.D Surgery Professor Emeritus 7/1/2016
Metting, Patricia J. Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emerita 8/24/2013
Miedler, Leo J. M.D. Medicine Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus 7/1/2003
Milstead, Jeri Ann Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Professor Emerita 10/10/2008
Morrison, Nancy Physics & Astronomy Professor Emerita 7/1/2010
Morrissey, Marietta Sociology & Anthropology Professor Emerita 2/1/2012
Murry, Earl Curriculum & Instruction Professor Emeritus 8/17/2009
Naganathan, Nagi G. College of Engineering Dean and Professor Emeritus 4/1/2017
Nagisetty, Rao Mathematics Professor Emeritus 6/30/2009
Nelson, David L. Ph.D., OTR Rehabilitation Sciences Professor Emeritus 1/1/2013
Ng, Tsun-Ming MIME Professor Emeritus 9/21/2016
Nigem, Elias Sociology & Anthropology Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Nykodym, Nick Management Professor Emeritus 6/4/2012
Ochs, Robert Mathematics and Statistics Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Oehrtman, Sandra J. Ph.D., R.N.C. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/2011
Olson, Walter Law Instruction Professor Emeritus 3/1/2015
O'Neal, William History Professor Emeritus 6/10/2014
Oliver, Douglas MIME Professor Emeritus 9/21/2016
Pansky, Ben Ph.D., M.D. Neurosciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/1998
Patrick, James R. M.D. Pathology Professor Emeritus 10/1/1999
Perry, Barbara Music Professor Emerita 12/16/2011
Pettet, Martin Mathematics Professor Emeritus 4/4/2012
Phillips, Edwin R. M.D., Ph.D. Pathology Associate Professor Emeritus 9/1/2003
Phillips, Michael Environmental Science Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Piazza, Nick J., Ph. D. Counselor Education Professor Emeritus 6/1/2015
Pickett, Mark Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus 7/1/2008
Pinkerton, A. Alan Chemistry Professor Emeritus 7/1/2014
Pinsky, Stanley Medicine Professor Emeritus 1/1/2015
Pizzimeni, Lee Law Professor of Law Emeritus 6/10/2014
Poling, Bruce Chemical & Environmental Engineering Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Pope, James Information Operations & Technology Management Professor Emeritus 1/7/2011
Post, Fred Management Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2016
Putney, Richard Art Associate Professor Emeritus 1/19/2016
Price, James Ph.D. Rehabilitation Sciences Professor Emeritus 5/18/2009
Rao, Subba Information Operations & Technology Management Professor Emeritus 3/23/2010
Rapp, John P. Ph.D., D.V.M. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 12/1/2006
Repka, Frank J. Ph.D., R.D. Family Medicine Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2005
Richman, William Law Professor of Law Emeritus 5/30/2013
Ritchie, Martin Counseling Professor Emeritus 7/1/2013
Roth-Sautter, Constance M. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/2006
Ruppert, Elizabeth S. M.D. Pediatrics Professor Emerita 9/1/1993
Saul, Frank P. Ph.D. Neurosciences Professor Emeritus 1/1/1994
Savolaine, Edward R. M.D. Radiology Professor Emeritus 10/1/2000
Schlender, Keith K. Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emeritus 1/1/2006
Schwarz, Friedhelm Mathematics Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Selman, Steven H. M.D. Urology Professor Emeritus 3/31/2015
Sharkey, Thomas W., Ph.D. Marketing Associate Professor Emeritus 6/1/2015
Sheon, Robert P. M.D. Medicine Professor Emeritus 12/19/1995
Sherman, Michael, Ph.D. Finance Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Shoemaker, Joyce K. Ed.D. Nursing Professor Emerita 3/1/1999
Siegel, Dorothy English Professor Emerita 7/1/2010
Simon, Henry John Physics & Astronomy Professor Emeritus 1/1/2000
Skeel, Joy D. M.Div. Medicine Professor Emerita 7/1/2010
Skrzypczak-Jankun, Ewa Ph.D. Urology Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/2011
Smith, Amelia Ann Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Professor Emerita 6/16/2005
Smith, Arthur Information Operations & Technology Management Professor Emeritus 3/23/2010
Smith, Robert History Professor Emeritus 7/1/2008
Smolen, Dianne M. Ph.D., R.N. Nursing Professor Emerita 7/1/2014
Smolen, Gerald Finance Professor Emeritus 3/1/2013
Sodeman Jr., William A. M.D., J.D. Medicine Professor Emeritus 1/1/2004
Solarek, Daniel Engineering Technology Professor Emeritus 6/30/2014
Soloff, Melvyn S. Ph.D. Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Professor Emeritus 7/1/1993
Spiegel, Bernard Ph.D. Rehabilitation Sciences Professor Emeritus 5/18/2009
Stothers, David Sociology & Anthropology Professor Emeritus 8/11/2012
Stuart, Thomas Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Emeritus 6/1/2012
Sullivan, Jerome Ph.D. Health Sciences Professor Emeritus 3/24/2009
Sundararaghavan, P. S., Ph.D. Business and Innovation Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
Sunderji, Shiraz M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology Professor Emeritus 8/1/2014
Tamer, Elliot Environmental Science Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Temesy-Armos, Peter N. M.D. Anesthesiology Professor Emeritus 12/1/2010
Thomas, Juliann Occupational Therapy Professor Emerita 7/1/2016
Tietz, Elizabeth I. Ph.D. Physiology & Pharmacology Professor Emerita 5/1/2012
Travis, Charles B. M.D. Family Medicine Associate Professor Emeritus 7/1/2005
Trempe, James P. Ph.D. Biochemistry & Cancer Biology Professor Emeritus 1/10/2014
Velasco, Manuel E. M.D. Pathology Associate Professor Emeritus 10/1/2003
Waller, Hardress J. Ph.D. Surgery & Otolaryngology Associate Professor Emeritus 10/1/2000
Weber, William Curriculum & Instruction Professor Emeritus 12/20/2016
Weinraub, Herb Finance Professor Emeritus 3/23/2010
Wente, Henry Mathematics Professor Emeritus 5/31/2009
White, Peter M.D. Medicine Professor Emeritus 7/1/2001
White, Denis Mathematics Professor Emeritus 7/1/2015
White, Phillip Law Instruction Professor Emeritus 3/1/2015
Whitmire, Virginia M. R.N., Ph.D. Nursing Associate Professor Emerita 7/1/1990
Wilcox, Larry History Professor Emeritus 8/17/2009
Wolff, Harvey Mathematics Professor Emeritus 7/1/2010
Yeasting, Richard A. Ph.D. Neurosciences Professor Emeritus 7/1/2007
Zallocco, Ronald Marketing Professor Emeritus 3/23/2010
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