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Academic Honors Committee Members

The Academic Honors Committee administers the call for nominations, evaluation and recommendation of individuals for UT's Distinguished Professorships and Honorary Degree recipients:

  • The Distinguished University Professorship recognizes outstanding research/scholarship, teaching and professional service accomplishments. This honor is the highest recognition The University of Toledo faculty can receive.

  • Honorary degrees are awarded to recognize individuals for extraordinary accomplishments and contributions that are aligned with the mission of the institution.

 Learn more about our members and activities below:

Membership            Timeline/Activities

Academic Honors 2018-2019 Committee Members:

3-Year Term   Appointed  By Term Expires
Bina Joe Professor, Chair, DUP, Physiology & Pharmacology (MLS) HSC Fall 2020
Ben Davis Professor of Law (LW) Faculty Senate-MC Fall 2020
Rupali Chandar Professor of Astronomy (SM) Faculty Senate-MC Fall 2020
Paul Hong Professor (BU) Faculty Senate-MC Fall 2020
Sarit Bhaduri Professor, DUP, Engineering (EN) MC Fall 2020
2-Year Term   Appointed By Term Expires
Joanne Ehrmin Professor of Nursing (NU) HSC Fall 2019
Karen Bjorkman Professor, Dean, DUP (SM) MC Fall 2019
Katherine Wall Professor and Chair, Med/Bio Chem (PH) Faculty Senate-HSC Fall 2019
Vijay Goel Endowed Chair and Professor, DUP, Bio/Eng (EN) Faculty Senate-MC Fall 2019
C. Jane Bradley Professor of English (AL) Faculty Senate-MC Fall 2019
1-Year Term   Appointed By Term Expires
Maria Coleman Professor of Chemical & Enviromental Engineering (EN)  MC Fall 2018
Marcia McInerney Professor, Exec. Admin. Dean, DUP (PH) HSC Fall 2018
Gretchen Tietjen Professor of Neurology, DUP (MD) Faculty Senate-HSC Fall 2018
Debra Boardley Professor of Public Health (HE) Faculty Senate-HSC Fall 2018
Co-Chairs Jamie Barlowe, PhD    
  Bill Ayres, PhD    


Timeline for Academic Honors Committee Activities:

Membership in Academic Honors Committee (AHC)

  • April each year: AHC membership reviewed and a call to the Provost/faculty senate for appointment/election of any needed new members starting fall of that year. 

Nominations of new Distinguished University Professors (DUP)

  • March 27, 2018: Call for Nominations

  • September 28, 2018: Deadline for submissions, excluding external support materials.

  • December 2018: Committee recommendations submitted to the Provost

Send all nominations and accompanying materials electronically to Ms. Camila Taormina, Executive Assistant to the Provost Office at

Questions may be addressed to the Provost Office, or to members of the Academic Honors Committee.

Honorary Degree Nominations

  • Upon receipt of nominations from the President/Dean, documents for candidates will be sent by email to all AHC members for review.
  • The vote on nominees can be by email or at a meeting called for this purpose.  It may also occur during a meeting to review nominees for DUP consideration or renewals. 
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