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2003 Winners

 Marie Johnson-Ham
Marie Johnson-HamMarie Johnson-Ham, academic adviser in the Student Success Center. She joined the University in 1985. While working as a records clerk 2 at the former Community and Technical College, she received a bachelor of science degree in human services in 1990. That year, Johnson-Ham became a test monitor and later an office assistant 2 in the College of Arts and Sciences. She earned a master of liberal studies degree with an emphasis on guidance and counseling in 1998 and began advising students in 1999.

"Marie always makes herself available to speak to students who are in need of advice on classes, careers and future goals. She gives plain details that are clear, understandable and very useful. When you have an experienced adviser to help you, college is less scary and that makes me feel comfortable and less stressed," wrote one nominator. Another noted, "Marie is the type of asset the University looks for and it's a privilege to have her around. She represents the University to parents and students, as well as her colleagues, and she does the job well enough that parents and students are always sending her thank-you letters."

"I believe the role of an academic adviser is to empower their students with information and knowledge of how to accomplish their educational goals," Johnson-Ham said. "An adviser should be caring and empathetic; warm and friendly; nonjudgmental; knowledgeable; motivating and stimulating; a mentor who provides guidance through students' academic careers."
Nancy Lapp

Nancy LappNancy Lapp, coordinator of undergraduate advising in the College of Business Administration. She started working at UT in 1976 in the Division of Continuing Education. She became an adviser in International Student Services in 1979 and moved to the College of Business Administration to advise undergraduates in 1983. She was promoted to coordinator of the college's undergraduate advising in 1991. She also has taught as an adjunct instructor.

"Nancy Lapp has been my academic adviser for nearly four years. She has never ceased to offer professional advice. She goes out of her way to ensure that those under her counsel have all of the requirements and information they need in order to have a successful collegiate experience," wrote one nominator. "While meeting with her, I've gotten the chance to appreciate her genuine and kind-hearted concern for my academic and personal well-being."

"Along the way in my career, I have been fortunate to have opportunities to teach in the classroom, but most of my professional experience has been in academic advising and administration. Until recently, I thought of teaching and advising as two separate activities. I realize now that not all teaching takes place in the classroom - advising is teaching," Lapp said. "For me, the philosophy that advising is teaching was validated when one and then another of my students submitted my name for inclusion in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. To them, I am a teacher."

 Sharon Schnarre
Sharon Schnarre, adviser and adjunct professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has been an adviser for the Premedical and Predental Program since 1990. She also teaches an honors seminar on medical, dental and veterinary fields.

“I am nominating Sharon Schnarre because of her dedication and service to the students of The University of Toledo,” wrote a nominator. “I think this is best exemplified by the way she served me on a day I was in much need. I called her with an emergency. She told me she would see me immediately. When I arrived, I told her that I heard from a credible source that one of my interviewers thought I should not be accepted into medical school. She immediately called the dean of admissions at MCO and spoke with him about our concerns pertaining to confidentiality and professional conduct. She was a superior and confident advocate.”

“Students need to make many decisions that impact on their studies and their lives,” Schnarre said. “Advisers can help students make these decisions by helping them to look at things from a variety of perspectives. To do this, an adviser needs to gain her advisee’s trust. Establishing a comfortable, nonjudgmental environment is key to encouraging students to be honest and open about themselves and their lives.”




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