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2004 Winners

Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones, adviser in the College of Business Administration. She received a bachelor's degree in business administration in human resource management at UT in 1983 and was hired one year later as an academic adviser and transfer student specialist in the College of Business. She continued her education and earned a master of education degree in higher education from UT in 1999. Jones has been nominated for the Outstanding Adviser Award six times over the years.

"The biggest reason why I chose to attend The University of Toledo was the quality of the advising that Debbie Jones provided. Mrs. Jones' dedication to providing excellent service should be used as a benchmark throughout the entire University," wrote one nominator. "Whenever I have met with Mrs. Jones, she always encouraged me to make the most of my education. For example, she encouraged me to take two extra classes to complete a double major. After analyzing her recommendation, I realized a double major provides many career advantages. And she has extensive knowledge of the University's policies and degree requirements. I was impressed by her ability to look at my transcript and immediately determine which classes would transfer and which would not."

"Academic advising encompasses the ability of the adviser to develop a strong partnership with the student that is built on a foundation of trust. This relationship provides the opportunity for the adviser to inspire, motivate and guide the student, at the same time assisting the student in developing a realistic approach to education by looking at short- and long-term life goals, Jones said. "The student's share of this relationship is equally important if the student is to maximize his or her total educational experience. The adviser must eventually step back from being the leading force in the relationship to one who offers suggestions, questions, criticizes, praises and offers direction to ensure the student is making the best choices."
Dr. Elliot Tramer
Dr. Elliot Tramer, professor and associate chair of earth, ecological and environmental sciences. He joined the University as an assistant professor of biology in 1969, was promoted to associate professor in 1974, and to professor in 1977. Tramer served as director of the Stranahan Arboretum from 1994 to 2000 and director of the Environmental Studies Program from 1997 to 2000. He has been advising students majoring in environmental studies and environmental science since 1995.

"I honestly feel that if not for Dr. Tramer, I may still be signing up for miscellaneous courses, unsure what direction I wanted to take. Before I met with him, I had switched majors and even schools multiple times, and I had no end in sight to my college career. It took meeting with him only once and I knew what I wanted my major to be. After meeting twice, we had set a schedule of classes right up to my graduation date. I not only had a goal, but it was a field of study that I cared about and something I truly wanted," wrote one nominator. "He made me want to do my best. He gave me focus and direction. He helped me graduate."

"The adviser is often a conduit and liaison between the student and other members of the faculty, and between the student and the University's administrative offices and help centers. Along the way, if the adviser succeeds in gaining a student's confidence as a friendly nonjudgmental ear, he or she may learn a great deal about the student's hopes, aspirations and personal challenges," Tramer said. "It has been especially rewarding to watch each young person grow and mature for four years and to know I have played a positive role in their development. Once in a while, an e-mail or thank-you note arrives from a former advisee; it always makes my day."




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  • Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to nominate faculty and staff who exemplify excellence in academic advising.
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  • Winners are eligible to win $1,500.
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