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Outstanding Adviser Award Criteria

The criteria used to select the recipient of the Outstanding Adviser Award include evidence that the adviser would demonstrate all of the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills:
    • Demonstrates a caring attitude toward students
    • Is available for frequent and regular contact with advisees
    • Refers students to appropriate offices when needed
    • Models professional behavior 
  • Educates and empowers students to make informed academic decisions and prioritize their commitments to maximize academic success:
    • Facilitates students' problem solving, decision-making & evaluation skills
    • Regularly monitors student progress toward academic and career goals
    • Assists students to identify strengths and weaknesses and to plan a course of study which builds on strengths while overcoming weaknesses
  • Is knowledgeable about The University of Toledo policies and resources:
    • Uses appropriate information sources
    • Conveys accurate information regarding courses, majors, and degree requirements
    • Conveys accurate information regarding student services
    • Demonstrates mastery of institutional regulations, policies, and procedures and helps advisees manage bureaucracy effectively

Previous Outstanding Adviser Award winners are not eligible to receive the award.



Nomination Information

  • Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to nominate faculty and staff who exemplify excellence in academic advising.
  • Completed nomination forms must be electronically submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 18, 2018 to be considered in this year's competition.
  • Winners are eligible to win $1,000.
  • Nomination Form (closed)
Last Updated: 6/9/16