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Culture of Assessment Elements

Definition of culture of assessment: "the predominating attitudes and behaviors that characterize the functioning of an institution [and] support the assessment of student learning outcomes." 

15 Elements of Culture of Assessment:

  1. Clear general education goals
  2. Common use of assessment-related terms
  3. Faculty ownership of assessment programs
  4. Ongoing professional development
  5. Administrative encouragement of assessment
  6. Practical assessment plans
  7. Systematic assessment
  8. The setting of student learning outcomes for all courses and programs
  9. Comprehensive program review
  10. Assessment of co-curricular activities
  11. Assessment of overall institutional effectiveness
  12. Informational forums about assessment
  13. Inclusion of assessment in plans and budgets
  14. Celebration of successes
  15. Responsiveness to proposals for new endeavors related to assessment

Author: Wendy Weiner
Title: "Establishing a Culture of Assessment"

Academe Online, 2009 

Last Updated: 6/9/16